Phoebus or Phoebus Apollo: see Apollo.
Phoebus (pronounced /ˈfiːbəs/ or /ˈfibəs/) is the Latin form of Greek Phoibos (Φοῖβος) "Shining-one", a byname used in classical mythology for either the god Apollo or the sun.

Under the modern Greek spelling Phevos or Phivos (pronounced "Fivos") and paired with Athena, he was a mascot of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Classical Latin poets also used Phoebus as a byname for the sun-god, whence common references in later European poetry to Phoebus and his car ("winged chariot" ) as a metaphor for the sun.

But in mythological texts the Sun-god and Apollo are otherwise not confused or identified. For example, in Ovid's Metamorphoses the hero Phaëton is son of Phoebus the sun-god, not son of Phoebus Apollo.

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