Phantom Phorce

Phantom Phorce is a remix album of Super Furry Animals' 2003 album Phantom Power. First editions of the album, orderable from the band's website , came packaged in an unusual case that doubles as a paper model of an arcade video game, and included a bonus CD; the Slow Life EP.

The album includes a number of segue tracks featuring anecdotes from 'Kurt Stern' (actually the band's road manager ) who supposedly made the decision to make these remixes after being unhappy with the original Phantom Power. According to bassist Guto Pryce this "running commentary is tongue in cheek, it's our road manager pretending to be a producer, and he ends up sounding like a.... twat!" These anecdotes give the actual CD release a different tracklisting from the official, stated one.

Track listing

  1. "Hello Sunshine" (Weevil)
  2. "Liberty Belle" (Mario Caldato Jr.)
  3. "Golden Retriever" (Killa Kela)
  4. "Sex, War & Robots" (Wauvenfold)
  5. "The Piccolo Snare" (Four Tet)
  6. "Venus & Serena" (Massimo)
  7. "Father Father" (Boom Bip)
  8. "Bleed Forever" (bravecaptain)
  9. "Out of Control" (Zan Lyons)
  10. "Cityscape Skybaby" (Minotaur Shock)
  11. "Velvet Parking" (High Llamas)
  12. "The Undefeated" (Llwybr Llaethog)
  13. "Slow Life" (Sir Doufous Styles)
  14. "Valet Parking" (Force Unknown)
  15. "Hello Sunshine" (Freiband)

Slow Life EP

  1. "Slow Life"
  2. "Motherfokker" (with Goldie Lookin' Chain)
  3. "Lost Control"

Track listing on the CD

  1. "My name is Kurt Stern..."
  2. "Hello Sunshine" (Weevil)
  3. "Liberty Belle" (Mario Caldato Jr.)
  4. "Well, the band said that they wanted to be challenged..."
  5. "Golden Retriever" (Killa Kela)
  6. "Sex, War & Robots" (Wauvenfold)
  7. "It's a Lovely Little Number Here..."
  8. "The Piccolo Snare" (Four Tet)
  9. "I think the band will have a tough time..."
  10. "Venus & Serena" (Massimo)
  11. "I have to smile here..."
  12. "Father Father" (Boom Bip)
  13. "Something truly odd..."
  14. "Bleed Forever" (bravecaptain)
  15. "Lately a fire brigade of bands..."
  16. "Out of Control" (Zan Lyons)
  17. "On such a lovely song as this one..."
  18. "Cityscape Skybaby" (Minotaur Shock)
  19. "This is Daf's turn to get a bit loopy..."
  20. "Velvet Parking" (High Llamas)
  21. "And uh, coming up here you're gonna hear..."
  22. "The Undefeated" (Llwybr Llaethog)
  23. "Slow Life" (Sir Doufous Styles)
  24. "OK this is rock star time..."
  25. "Valet Parking" (Force Unknown)
  26. "This song worked equally well we discovered..."
  27. "Hello Sunshine" (Freiband)
  28. "It's always a battle collaborating with someone else..."


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