Peter Pan and the Pirates

Peter Pan and the Pirates is an animated television series based on J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan that aired on Fox from September 1990 to December 1991. Since its original run, it has become a minor cult classic.

As the title indicates, this TV show focuses as much on the pirates as it does on Peter Pan. Captain Hook and Mr. Smee traditionally are the only pirates who receive any attention in the story. Yet here, the other crew members of the Jolly Roger (Robert Mullins, Alf Mason, Gentleman Jim Starkey, Billy Jukes, and Cookson) are given distinct personalities and character development. It is also said in one episode that Billy Jukes is a former lost boy, which would explain why he looks so young. But none could ever hope to overshadow his menacing captain. A real force to be reckoned with, Hook is a powerful, temperamental, cultured, intelligent, and charming pirate with an insatiable thirst for vengeance.

The story more closely followed that of the original novel Peter and Wendy than the previous Disney version and was targeted to an older audience, which meant the occasional dark storyline.

The actual on-screen title is Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates, so named to emphasize the fact this was an independent production by Fox's animation division, unrelated to the Disney feature or other previous media incarnations of the Peter Pan property.

Tim Curry won an Emmy for his portrayal of Hook.


  • Coldest Cut of All
  • The Ruby
  • Tootles and the Dragon
  • The Rake
  • The Dream
  • Eternal Youth
  • Now Day Party
  • Hook's Christmas
  • The Phantom Shaman
  • Slightly Duped
  • Treasure Hunt
  • The Girl Who Lives In the Moon
  • Slightly in Stone
  • The Great Race
  • Living In Pictures
  • Hook's Mother's Picture
  • Peter in Wonderland
  • Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid
  • Pirate Shadows
  • Billy Jukes, Lost Boy
  • Curly's Laugh
  • Nibs and the Mermaids
  • A Day at the Fair
  • Hook the Faithful Son
  • The Croc and the Clock
  • Jules Verne Night
  • The Hook and the Hat
  • The Play's the Thing
  • Count De Chauvin
  • Friday the Thirteenth
  • The Letter
  • Mardi Gras
  • River of Night
  • When Games Become Deadly
  • A Wee Problem
  • Professor Smee
  • Three Wishes
  • All Hallows Eve
  • Wendy and the Croc
  • After the Laughter
  • Stupid Smee
  • The Plucking of Short Tom
  • Peter on Trial
  • Foot Race
  • Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook
  • The Neverscroll
  • Pirate Boys, Lost Men
  • A Hole in the Wall
  • The Demise of Hook
  • Tootles the Bold
  • Play Ball
  • Immortal Pan
  • Knights of Neverland
  • The Pirate Who Came to Dinner
  • Elementary, My Dear Pan
  • Seven League Boots
  • Evicted
  • The Wind and the Panther
  • Invisible Tootles
  • First Encounter
  • The Never Ark
  • Frau Brumhandel
  • The Lost Memories of Pirate Pan
  • The Ages of Pan (Part 1 & Part 2) * It was aired as "Hook's Deadly Game"


A c t o r R o l e
Chris M. Allport Tootles  (voice)
Jack Angel Robert Mullins & Cookson  (voice)
Michael Bacall smaller Twin  (voice)
Adam Carl Nibs  (voice)
Tim Curry Captain James Hook  (voice)
Debi Derryberry Tinker Bell  (voice)
Ed Gilbert Smee  (voice)
Whitby Hertford Michael Darling  (voice)
Tony Jay Alf Mason  (voice)
Josh Keaton Curly  (voice)
Christina Lange Wendy Darling  (voice)
Aaron Lohr Hard-to-hit & tall Twin  (voice)
Jack Lynch John Darling  (voice)
Jason Marsden Peter Pan  (voice)
Scott Menville Slightly  (voice)
David Shaughnessy Ignatious Starkey  (voice)
Cree Summer Tiger Lily  (voice)
Eugene Williams Billy Jukes  (voice)
Michael Wise Great Big Little Panther  (voice)



Several DVD sets are available for pre-order and are scheduled to be released in the UK on January 1st, 2020 (approximately twelve years from now).

Video game

A video game titled Peter Pan and the Pirates was released for the NES by third party publisher THQ. The game was generally received poorly by critics.

In this single player side-scrolling action game, the player controlled Peter Pan, who could collect bags of fairy dust to fly and had a sword that boasted a short range (though to be fair, Peter in the TV show also used a short bladed sword as his main weapon). The player started out in the forest and was required to destroy all the pirates in each level to advance to the next, with the final goal of getting to the pirate ship and battling Captain Hook.

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