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Peter Asher was born on 22 June 1944 in Willesden, London , then part of Middlesex, England. He is a guitarist, singer, manager and record producer.

Early Life

Asher is the son of Dr Richard and Margaret Asher, and the older brother of actress and businesswoman Jane Asher and radio actress Clare Asher. Jane Asher was, in the mid-1960s, the girlfriend of The Beatles' Paul McCartney. Through this connection, Asher and Waller were often given unrecorded Lennon/McCartney songs to perform, most notably their first and biggest hit, 1964's decidedly Beatlesque "A World Without Love".

He was a child actor and appeared in the film "The Planter's Wife" and the stage play "Isn't Life Wonderful" when he was 8 years old and also in the ITV series "The Adventures of Robin Hood". While attending the independent Westminster School as a day boy, he first met fellow student Gordon Waller, and they began playing and singing together as a duo in coffee bars and in 1962 formed the duo "Peter and Gordon".


Asher was known as the 'Peter' part of the 1960s Everly Brothers-derived duo Peter & Gordon, whose biggest hit was the 1964 Paul McCartney-penned "A World Without Love". Asher's greatest success was serving as producer of a long string of multi-platinum albums for Linda Ronstadt as well as albums for James Taylor.

In 1965, he was best man when singer Marianne Faithfull married John Dunbar in Cambridge.

After Peter & Gordon disbanded in 1968, Asher took charge of the A&R department at The Beatles' Apple Records label, where he signed a then-unknown James Taylor and agreed to produce the singer-songwriter's debut solo album. The album was not a success, but Asher was so convinced that Taylor held great potential that he resigned his post at Apple to move to the United States and work as Taylor's manager. He also produced Taylor's recording over several decades.

In 1969, Asher was asked by Beatle George Harrison to look up an American band called Raven while he was in New York City (The Longest Cocktail Party, pg. 119). He offered Raven an Apple Records recording contract in the kitchen of Steve Paul's Scene but the group turned it down and instead signed with Columbia Records. Reference: 'Once Life Matters: A New Beginning' ppg. 62-65, author Marty Angelo.


In the early 1970s Asher also managed a country rock band called 'Country' , which recorded for Atlantic Records through its subsidiary Clean Records, featuring Michael Fondiler and Tom Snow, who has since become a songwriter. Asher achieved his greatest success producing a long string of eclectic and platinum albums for Linda Ronstadt, including 'Heart Like a Wheel, Simple Dreams, What's New' , and 'Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind' .

Asher also played a role in shaping the California rock sound prominent during the 1970s, producing records for Ronstadt, J.D. Souther, Andrew Gold and Bonnie Raitt. In 1976, Asher and Waller reformed for the annual New York 'Beatlefest' and played a few other dates. In the 1980s, Asher also worked on hit albums for artists as diverse as Cher and 10,000 Maniacs.

Asher had been quoted as saying that actor Mike Myers has said he had patterned his Austin Powers character after Asher's appearance.

Personal Life

He had a short-lived relationship with Millie Small, known as Millie, who sang 'My Boy Lollipop' .

His daughter Victoria Asher is keytarist in the popular American pop-punk band Cobra Starship.

Awards and recognition

Grammy awards

Discography (selection)

As performer

  • In Touch With... (by Peter & Gordon) (1964)
  • Peter And Gordon (by Peter & Gordon) (1964)
  • World Without Love Peter and Gordon (by Peter & Gordon) (1964)
  • Hurtin' 'N' Lovin' (by Peter & Gordon) (1965)
  • I Don't Want To See You Again (by Peter & Gordon) (1965)
  • I Go To Pieces (by Peter & Gordon) (1965)
  • True Love Ways (by Peter & Gordon) (1965)
  • Best Of Peter And Gordon (by Peter & Gordon) (1966)
  • Peter And Gordon Sing & Play the Hits of Nashville (1966)
  • Somewhere (by Peter & Gordon) (1966)
  • Woman (by Peter & Gordon) (1966)
  • In London For Tea (by Peter & Gordon) (1967)
  • Knight In Rusty Armour (by Peter & Gordon) (1967)
  • Lady Godiva (by Peter & Gordon) (1967)
  • Hot Cold & Custard (by Peter & Gordon) (1967)
  • Gordon (Solo: Gordon Waller) (1972)
  • Best Of Peter And Gordon (by Peter & Gordon) (1983)
  • Hits Of Peter And Gordon (by Peter & Gordon) (1983)
  • Best Of Peter And Gordon (by Peter & Gordon) (1991)
  • Ultimate Peter And Gordon (by Peter & Gordon) (2001)
  • Definitive Collection: Knights In Rusty Armour (by Peter & Gordon) (2003)

As producer

As executive producer


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