Pesniary (also spelled Pesnyary) Belarusian: Песняры, pʲesʲnʲa'rɨ) is a legendary group from the Soviet Union born in the(Byelorussian SSR), that was officially born on September 1 1969, when Soviet recording company "Melodya" released their first long play, carrying the name "Pesniary". Before that they were known under the name Liavony (Лявоны).

They played various types of music, but it was mostly based on Belarusian folklore, though often with various psychedelic rock elements and later rock as well. It was one of the very few (and possibly the first) Soviet bands to tour in America in 1976. They've toured the South of the USA together with a folk band New Christy Minstrels. 1974-1980 is considered the Golden Age era of the band when it achieved top popularity in the USSR, in Eastern Europe and in other countries.

Throughout several decades many singers and musicians have been playing in "Pesniary," but the leader always remained unchanged: Vladimir Muliavin. After his tragic death in January 26, 2003 (not being able to recover from a serious car accident) four different bands laid claims to be the official descendants of the original "Pesniary" band. "Pesniary" were the best-known Soviet group coming from the Belorussian SSR.

Among their best known song are "Kasiu Yas Kanushynu" , Belavezhskaya Puscha", "Belorussia" and "Alesia".


1971 Ты мне вясною прыснiлася Ty mne vyasnoyu prysnilasya I dreamt of you in spring
1974 Алеся Alesya Alesya
1977 Перапёлачка Perapyolachka The Quail
1979 Волoгда Vologda Vologda
1980 Гусляр Guslyar Guslar
1982 Зачарованная моя Zacharovannaya maya My Enchanted (based on a live concert)
1984 Через всю войну Cherez vsyu voynu Throughout the Whole War

There are also dozens of singles.


The lineup of the band was changing frequently. Among the most notable and long-living band members were:

  • Vladimir Muliavin (guitar, 1968-2003)
  • Valery Muliavin (guitar, 1968-1974)
  • Leonid Bortkevich (vocals, 1969-1980)
  • Anatoly Kasheparov (vocals, 1970-1990)
  • Valery Dayneko (vocals, alto, 1976-1992)
  • Leonid Tyshko (bass guitar, 1968-1981)
  • Vladislav Misevich (saxophone, flute, 1968-1992)
  • Alexander Demeshko (drums, 1968-1988)
  • Vladimir Nikolaev (keyboards, 1971-1980)

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