Peraia, Thessaloniki

Peraia, Perea or Peraia Thessalonikis, also Perea- (Greek: Περαία Θεσσαλονίκης) is a suburban city located South of Thessaloniki and Kalamaria, SouthWest of Thermi, NorthWest of Chalkidiki and West of the Thermaic Gulf. GR-16 is located to the east and formerly passed through Peraia. Peraia is also linked with a road accessing to the Thermaikos coast. Peraia is part of the municipality Thermaikos.

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Peraia began its history in 1923 when refugees from Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace (which are now in Turkey) arrived during the Asia Minor Catastrophe. 37,387 refugees lived in 75 refugee camps throughout the Thessaloniki area. From these, 1,745 refugees were from the shores of Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace and left for the southeastern shores of the Thermian Gulf and created three settlemetns, Agia Triada, Neoi Epivates and Peraia.

In Peraia in that area once owned by the Turkish Bey. There were 204 families (132 from the western Asia Minor and 72 from Eastern Thrace) totaling 740 people. The origin of the refugees were from two different areas had like result that had disagree for the name that would give for the refugee settlement. That time, the Macedonian Settlements Administration? (Diefthyntis Epoikismou Makedonias) gave the present name as well as one of the three received names from the gave the name Peraia.

West of Peraia and around the beach is Neoi Epivates (also Nei Epivates). That area had a Turkish which was known as Bahçe Çiflik (Greek transliteration: Baxe Tsiflik). There had 159 families (631 persons) all originating from Epivates which was a beach city in the north of Propontis and gave the name Neoi Epivates in their settlements.

Further west of Neoi Epivates along with the beach finds Agia Triada. In that village which was known as "Lefki Vryssi" which brought 40 families from Xastero (Ξάστερο) and 45 families from Oikonomeio (Οικονομει) which is situated very close to Epivates.

Its life amongst the refugee camps becan as an area which saw population growth. Peraia and these areas are part of the municipality of Thermaikos which the seat is Neoi Epivates.

Today Peraia's population increases very fast, as people from Thessaloniki comes to live here

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