Pease family (Darlington)

This Pease family was a prominent mostly Quaker family associated with Darlington and County Durham and descended from Joseph Pease of Darlington, son of Edward Pease (1711–1785). The family earlier came from Fishlake, Yorkshire. They were heavily involved in the 19th century in woollen manufacturing, railways, coal mines, and politics. Notable events in their history include the establishment of the Stockton and Darlington Railway in the 1820s and the failure of the family bank in 1902. The latter forced several of them close to bankruptcy. Six members of the family were Members of Parliament.

Joseph Pease (1737-1808) founded Pease Partners Bank (1761). His children included

Joseph Pease's descendants

The second Joseph Pease had two children

Edward Pease's descendants

Edward Pease had five sons and three daughters including

More distant relations

Related but not considered Darlington Peases were descendants of the first Joseph Pease's brother, Thomas Pease (1743-1811). His grandson Thomas Pease (1816-1884) married thrice and had many children, with his third wife, Susanna Ann Fry, sister of the judge Edward Fry and aunt of Roger Fry. These children included

  • Edward Reynolds Pease (1857-1955), a founder and long time secretary of the Fabian Society. He in turn is father of
    • Michael Pease (1890–1966), geneticist at Cambridge University and member of the Cambridge County Council. He was also interned at Ruhleben during the First World War. After the war he married Helen Bowen Wedgwood daughter of Josiah Wedgwood (later the first Lord Wedgwood). They were parents of, among others
      • Rendel Sebastian (Bas) Pease, nuclear physicist, FRS (1922-2004, died aged 81). He was thrice married and twice widowed, and had two sons and three daughters by his first wife Susan (died 1996). His third wife Eleanor survives him with all his children.
      • Jocelyn Richenda (Chenda) Pease (d. 2005 as Lady Huxley), wife of the biologist Andrew Huxley; they had several children together who survive her, along with her widower.
    • Nicolas Arthington Pease (1896-1983), received a Military Cross (with a bar) during WWI. Married Muriel Pullen. They were the parents of
      • Veronica Pease (1924- )
      • Martyn Edward Pease (1927- )
  • Marian (May) Fry Pease, educator

Joseph Pease's sister Ann (?-1826) married Jonathan Backhouse (1747-1826) founder of Backhouse's Bank in 1774 and was mother of

  • Jonathan Backhouse (1779-1842) - banker father of
    • Ann Backhouse mother of
      • Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin (1843-1926) father of
        • Harold Olaf Hodgkin (1879-1981) Married Lydia Grubb
          • Ernest Pease Hodgkin (1906-1997) Married Mary McKerrow (died 1985) and was nearly disowned for doing so. Ernest became an expert on Mosquito breeding habits and moved to Malaya to further his studies. He was interned in a civilian POW camp from 1942 to the end of the war and he and his family moved to Australia. He became a very well-known marine biologist in Western Australia. He is survived by four children, Christopher Graham, Patricia, Jonathan and Michael who all have children and most of them have children of their own.



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