Patti D'Arbanville

Patricia "Patti" D'Arbanville (born May 25 1951) is an American actress and former model.


Early life

Patti D'Arbanville, born May 25, 1951, in New York City, New York, is the daughter of Jean née Egan, an artist, and George D'Arbanville, a bartender. D'Arbanville attended PS 41 on Eleventh Street. Growing up on the corner of McDougal Street and Bleecker street, she found the Figaro was just across from her home. After asking permission to "stay out until midnight", not having any real expectations, she was surprised to find she could go because of it's proximity to her home. The result, she said, was that she did it every night, and then stretched the time limit to 1:00 AM. Because of this, she fell asleep in school to the point where she finally quit when she was 14 after threats that if she didn't come more often she'd be taken away from her parents.


Early recognition

Discovered by Andy Warhol, during a gig as a club Disc Jockey at age 13, she acted in her first film in 1960; a New York University student film Tuesday And Blue Silk in 1960. Having been raised in New York's Greenwich Village, D'Arbanville had dropped out of school at 14 and traveled around the country. Andy Warhol eventually cast her at age 16 in his 1968 film Flesh.

Flirting with fame

In the late 1960's she pursued a career as a model in London, where she met Cat Stevens and they developed a romance from 1968-1970. She was the inspiration for at least two of his hit songs: "My Lady D'Arbanville", and "Wild World", which were recorded on Mona Bone Jakon, and Tea for the Tillerman. She left him for periods of time to continue her modeling career in Paris, and New York City, and was a peripheral part of the Warhol's Factory scene. In an interview with Warhol, she said wistfully, that she'd heard the song "My Lady d'Arbanville"; saying, "Steven wrote that song (Lady d'Arbanville) when I left for New York. I left for a month, it wasn't the end of the world was it? But he wrote this whole song about 'Lady D'Arbanville, why do you sleep so still.' It's about me dead. So while I was in New York, for him it was like I was lying in a coffin... he wrote that because he missed me, because he was down... It's a sad song." Stevens had adopted a stage name which D'Arbanville never used; instead preferring his true name, Steven Demetre Georgiou.

After Flesh, D'Arbanville performed in 1977 as the title character in David Hamilton's movie, Bilitis (film). A string of lesbian and nude movies with love-scenes followed afterward, and D'Arbanville gained something of a reputation because of this, so she has been variously viewed at times as a muse and at others as a groupie in her youth as a result. She was featured in a recent book by Pamela Des Barres who equates "muse" and "groupie" as being the same thing. The book is called, Let's Spend the Night Together. D'Arbanville, who now has a vibrant acting career with steady roles participated in a reading of her chapter in Des Barres' book, also called, "My Lady D'Arbanville". Attending the reading of various groupies' tales in New York City, she read her chapter, to an audience, appearing mostly of women featured in the book. The reading was taped and is featured in eight segments on You Tube by "Punkcast".


After her unabashed performances in her youth, D'Arbanville has worked steadily in film and television series in the United States and France. In 1987, D'Arbanville won a Drama-Logue Award as Best Actress for her 1987 stage performance, in Italian American Reconciliation. In a 1996 episode of New York Undercover, her character's son is admonished about getting too caught up in the hip-hop music and lifestyle, and protests, "Oh, so maybe I should listen to people like...Cat Stevens", which was a subtle nod to D'Arbanville's relationship with Cat Stevens.

Recent times

In 2007, she served as Queen Mermaid at the 25th annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

Spouses and children

D'Arbanville had a well-publicized relationship with actor Don Johnson from 1981-1986, with whom she has a son, Jesse Wayne Johnson (born on December 7, 1982). Aside from the son she had in her relationship with Don Johnson, D'Arbanville has been married and divorced three times. She lived in France for ten years. Fluent in the French, she was married to French actor, Roger Miremont, from August 1, 1975-1980. From April 26, 1980-1981, she had a short-lived marriage to Steve Curry, an athlete, and lastly, married former New York City firefighter Terry Quinn, from June 15, 1980 - March 12, 1993, with whom she has three children, Emmelyn, Alexandra, and Liam. She currently resides in New York, with former husband Terry Quinn and their children.



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