Pangbourne College

Pangbourne College is a coeducational public school located in the civil parish of Pangbourne, just south-west of the village, at Bowden, in the English county of Berkshire.

The college was founded by Thomas Lane Devitt in 1917 as Pangbourne Nautical College with the function of preparing boys to be officers in the Merchant Navy through the 'Devitt & Moore' shipping, and later in the Royal Navy. In 1969, it shed much of the nautical training in favour of a more traditional academic focus, and became Pangbourne College. Though the college is now more academically oriented, it still holds true to many of the traditions which makes it a unique school today. The college was traditionally male orientated, but it has been fully co-educational since 1996. The Royal Hospital School at Holbrook, Ipswich, share similar characteristics.

The school has won the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup four times at the Henley Royal Regatta. The headmaster, Mr. Thomas Garnier, served in the Royal Navy before switching to a career in teaching. He has taught physics and housemastered and became headmaster following the departure of Dr Kenneth Greig in 2005.


Boarding houses at Pangbourne are known as Divisions. They are: Harbinger, Illawara, Macquarie, Hespurus, Port Jackson & St. George for the Senior School. The Junior School for pupils in the 11-13 year old range.

Royal Marines CCF

Pangbourne College has an accomplished and well known Royal Marines Detachment sending many notable officers to the Royal Marines. Though small, it is tightly run and students are treated as real recruits. Panbourne College has won the famous Pringle Trophy six times, the most any school has. The current detachment is led by Colours Eauns and Major Gilks.

Notable Old Pangbournians


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