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PFC Cherno More is a Bulgarian football club in Varna. They play their home games in the Bulgarian Premier League at the local Stadium Ticha with a 12,000-seat capacity.

Cherno More Varna was formed in 1945 by the merging of FC Vladislav and SK Ticha - 1913.


March the 3rd, 1910 - Varna's academy for men becomes the birth place of organized football in the country. Here is created "Galata" association, which later on, by the suggestion of a teacher named Karel Shkorpil, changes its name to "Reka Ticha"- which was the former name of the "Kamchia" river. Over the next year it combines with "Sportist" and grows to association of the education, sport and tourism "Reka Ticha".The football team dominates all others in the city, whose existence is quite short. The first international game of "Ticha" in 1915 with 21th Pomeranski polk is a success, and during 1917, so is the first inter-city match. The growth of Bulgarian football requires knowledge of the rules, so "Ticha" published for the first time in our coutry in 1919 the book "Football - rules and admonitions".Significant are the first meetings between "Ticha" and the capital teams. In 1919 the first away game of Levski Sofia is celebrated with a first victory for us - 4:1! The same goes for Slavia Sofia - 3:0. On the return game as guests, the Varna players win against Slavia Sofia 1:0. The game with Levski Sofia does not take place because the city mayor does not allow it, since there was protest that same day. This beginning of victories against capital teams will be continued by not only "Ticha", but "Vladislav" and "Shipshenski Sokol" as well. January the 21st, 1919- the association changes its name to "Ticha" Sports Club, and official colours of the outfit are red and white. "Ticha" is proud of the team anthem written by its president - Nikola Nitsov. In 1925 "Ticha" win the Cup of Bucharest - the first sports trophy won for our country outside its borders! The official international matches of "Ticha" earn it the 1st place among all the teams in Varna. Players from Romania, Egypt, Serbia etc. have felt the power of our team, and they could do nothing but admire the football skill that it has shown them!After the team becomes vice-champion in 1935 and 1936, comes the creation of the National Football Division. During the two half-seasons 1937/38, "Ticha" is the best football team. The president of the club Vladimir Chakarov is the main initiative of that idea, and hundreds of "Ticha" fans volunteer freely to build the playground.


"Botev" already has a new name "Cherno More" (is the Bulgarian name of the Black Sea). The coach Ivan Mokanov manages to put together a stable team, in which the starting line-up is constant, as much in the field, as in their love for the association! Many powerful teams come to Varna in order to comare skills, which gives "Cherno more" more experience and self-confidence. And the re-matches prove that Varna football is one of the best.An unforgettable victory is the one against "Ajax" in 1966 3:1, in which young Cruyff already shows his unique skill!Many players from that "Cherno more" generation would have found place among the different national teams, if they had been watched more often by Sofia, or perhaps they did not have that confidence of being the heir of "Ticha" and "Vladislav". The national jersey have put on Iv. Ivanov, N. Dimitrov, Zdr.Mitev, St. Bogomilov, D. Georgiev, while others made just the bench.Then follow years of planting roots in our youth academy which produces talented competitors, worthy of their ancestors. The successes are in the republican league where the youth teams, minors, juveniles, and seniors are always in the final stage! In season 2007/2008 the saylors finally finished 5th in A PFG and qualifying to UEFA Cup. There, they defeated UE Sant Julia from Andora in the first qualifying round (9-0 on aggregate) and Maccabi Netanya from Israel in the second qualifying round (3-1 on aggregate). Cherno More challenged german side VfB Stuttgart in the UEFA Cup 1st round and where eliminated after a 1-2 loss at home and a 2-2 draw in Stuttgart.

Recent Seasons

Season Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Cup Notes
1998-1999 B PFG 7 30 11 8 11 39 29 41

1th round
1999-2000 B PFG 1 30 22 5 3 77 26 71

1/8 Promoted
2000-2001 A PFG 10 26 7 5 14 20 49 26

2001-2002 A PFG 12 26 6 6 14 28 36 24

2002-2003 A PFG 5 26 14 6 6 42 21 48

2003-2004 A PFG 6 30 10 8 12 45 53 38

2004-2005 A PFG 8 30 10 5 15 30 38 35

2005-2006 A PFG 8 28 10 7 11 29 27 37 Runner-up
2006-2007 A PFG 6 30 14 5 11 37 29 47

2007-2008 A PFG 5 30 13 9 8 40 26 48 Runner-up

European cup history

Season Competition Round Country Club Home Away Aggregate
2008/09 UEFA Cup 1Q UE Sant Julia 4-0 5-0 9-0
2Q Maccabi Netanya 2-0 1-1 3-1
1 VfB Stuttgart 1-2 2-2 3-4


Ticha Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Varna, Bulgaria. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Cherno More. It is situated in the northern part of Varna. Built in 1968, the stadium is currently being renovated to 30,000 seats and currently has around 12,000 seating places. The field measures 116x86 meters. The words of Vladimir Chakarov: "The stones for the wall we got from an auction arranged by mr. Germanow for us to win. Instead of 50 cubics, we loaded 80! How did we take care ot "TICHA"? Primerily from member fees and get-togethers. One time we gave entrance according to the individual weight of each spectator."Stadium "TICHA" was built by hundreds of volunteer fans of the club.Vladimir Chakarov (one of the main figures behind the idea of building our own playground) died in 1987 on the field before a "Cherno more" match.

Current squad

As of July 2008

Cherno More Varna'2008

Reserves squad

Squad changes 2008



For other transfers, see List of Bulgarian football transfers 2008-09.

Memorable matches

  • 1962 - PFC Cherno More - Dinamo Kiev 1:1
  • 1965 - PFC Cherno More - Sparta Prague 4:3
  • 1965 - PFC Cherno More - Sheffield Wednesday 2:1
  • 1965 - PFC Cherno More - Derby County 1:0
  • 1966 - PFC Cherno More - Ajax 3:1
  • 1966 - Nottingham - PFC Cherno More 0:1
  • 1966 - Coventry - PFC Cherno More 1:1
  • 1967 - Stuttgart - PFC Cherno More 0:0
  • 1967 - Eintracht Frankfurt - PFC Cherno More 2:2
  • 1968 - Werder Bremen - PFC Cherno More 1:1

Coaches history

Greatest team

Cherno more Varna' Greatest Ever Team

  1. Ivan Ivanov
  2. Abil Bilyalov
  3. Bozhil Kolev
  4. Ivan Andreev
  5. Dimitar Bosnov
  6. Zdravko Mitev
  7. Damyan Georgiev
  8. Stefan Yanev
  9. Stefan Bogomilov
  10. Todor Marev
  11. Svetozar Svetozarov

Famous players






Cherno more Kit Evolution

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