Owl Mountains

The Owl Mountains (Góry Sowie; Eulengebirge) is a mountain range in the Central Sudetes in south-west Poland. The range includes the protected area called Owl Mountains Landscape Park.

In the Owl Mountains, apart from the main ridge, we distinguish also the mountain ranges of Garb Dzikowca and Wzgórza Wyrębińskie. The Owl Mountains cover an area of about 200 square kilometers and stretch over 26 kilometers. They are situated between the Wałbrzyskie Mountains (from the west) and the Bardzkie Mountains (from the east). Their east border is marked out by Przełęcz Srebrna (a mountain pass), and the line of west border is set by the Bystrzyca river. In the north, the border is on Kotlina Dzierżoniowska and in the south on Obniżenie Noworudzkie and Włodzickie Hills. The Owl Mountains constitute the oldest part of the Sudetes. At their foot there towns: Dzierżoniów, Bielawa, Pieszyce, Nowa Ruda, and other well-known tourist places, like: Rzeczka, Walim, Sokolec, Jugów, Sierpnica, Zagórze Śląskie. Between the Owl Mountains and the Kamienne Mountains there are also towns: Głuszyca and Jedlina Zdrój. The Owl Mountains are very diversified in terms of height. The highest peak is Great Owl (1015 metres in altitude). The remaining peaks reach the height from 600 to 980 metres above sea level. Except for the summit clearings and the mountain passes, The Owl Mountains represent the spruce-clad type of mountains. There may be also observed a rare occurrence of the beech and the yew. The Owl Mountains are covered by a network of touist trails. The most attractive of these the red trail leading through all the highest peaks. The favourite tourist destinations of the Owl Mountains include: the Stone Tower on Wielka Sowa, the tower on Kalenica, Grodno Castle in Zagórze Śląskie, and the Mining Museum in Nowa Ruda.

Major towns of the Owl Mountains include:

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