Outnumbered! is an educational computer game by The Learning Company designed to teach children mathematical computation and problem solving. The player must navigate through the Shady Glen Television Station and collect clues to find the Master of Mischief, while avoiding the walking television Telly and the electrified Livewire.

In this game, the player has 9 minutes to find out where the Master of Mischief is hiding in one of the studio rooms (the clock shows three hours from 9:00pm to midnight). Time is paused when doing problem solving in studio rooms, but not when using a zapper against Telly (the robot who later makes an appearance in Spellbound! For every set of problems solved against the robot, or the main problem in one of five studio rooms, a clue is given to determine where the Master of Mischief is hiding.

After each successful scenario, the points are accumulated and put into the total score and the game is played again. This happens until the player has successfully scored 300000 points.

End Scenario

At the end of a game session the player chooses the room where they think the Master of Mischief is hiding.

If they are correct, the Master of Mischief reveals himself and converts their remaining power and time into points. The Super Solver then shoots him with their zapper and he disappears.

If they are incorrect a camera in the ceiling blasts a hole in the floor underneath the Super Solver, causing the Super Solver to fall out of sight.


The music played in the rooms are based on Rachmaninoff's variations on Paganini's 24th Caprice.

The music played in the halls is from Mozart's 40th Symphony, specifically, its first and fourth movements.

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