Oskar Boettger

Oskar Boettger; (surname sometimes spelled Böttger) (March 31, 1844 - September 25, 1910 was a German zoologist who was a native of Frankfurt am Main. After receiving his doctorate in 1869, he became a paleontologist at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt. In 1875 he began work at the museum's Department of Herpetology. He was an uncle to noted malacologist Caesar Rudolf Boettger {1888-1976}.

Boettger is credited for making Senckenberg's herpetological collection one of the best in Europe during his tenure there. He suffered from agoraphobia, and relied on assistants to collect specimens for him. Boettcher was editor of Katalog der batrachier and Katalog der Reptilien, which were catalogs published by the Senckenberg Museum.

In 1911, famed zoologist George Albert Boulenger (1858-1937) dedicated the species Anolis boettgeri to Boettger, which is a Peruvian anole of the family of Polychrotidae. Also, numerous other herpetological species are named after him; including:

Boettger was also a conchologist and entomologist (specialising in Coleoptera)

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