One Love Peace Concert

The One Love Peace Concert was a large concert held on April 22, 1978 at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica.

This concert was held during a political civil war in Jamaica between opposing parties Jamaican Labour Party and the People's National Party. The concert came to its peak during Bob Marley & The Wailers' performance of "Jammin'", when Marley joined the hands of political rivals Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP).

Bob Marley said the following as he called the two politicians onstage, and while he held their hands above his head and said while improvising on "Jammin'":

Just let me tell you something (yeah), to make everything come true, we gotta be together. (Yeah, yeah, yeah) and through the spirit of the Most High, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, we're inviting a few leading people of the slaves to shake hands. . . To show the people that you love them right, to show the people that you gonna unite, show the people that you're over bright, show the people that everything is all right. Watch, watch, watch, what you're doing, because . . I mean, I'm not so good at talking but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Well, I'm trying to say, could we have, could we have, up here onstage here the presence of Mr. Michael Manley and Mr. Edward Seaga. I just want to shake hands and show the people that we're gonna make it right, we're gonna unite, we're gonna make it right, we've got to unite . The moon is high over my head, and I give my love instead. The moon is high over my head, and I give my love instead.|10px


  • The Meditations
    • "Life Is Not Easy"
    • "Woman Is Like A Shadow"
  • Althea and Donna
    • "Uptown Top Ranking"
  • Dillinger
    • "Teeth And Tongue"
    • "The War Is Over"
    • "Eastman Skank"
  • The Mighty Diamonds
    • "Keep On Moving"
    • "There's No Me Without You"
    • "I Need A Roof"
  • Junior Tucker
    • "Happy"
    • "Mrs Melody"
  • Culture
    • "Natty Never Get Weary"
    • "Natty Dread Taking Over"
    • "Stop This Fussing & Fighting"
  • Dennis Brown
    • "Children of Israel"
    • "Love Me Always"
    • "Milk & Honey"
    • "Whip Them Jah"
    • "How Could I Leave"
  • Trinity
    • "Who Say They A Gone"
    • "Already"
    • "Yabby You Sound"
  • Leroy Smart
    • "Ballistic Affair"
  • Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
    • "Forward Jah Jah Children"
    • "I'm A Natty"
    • "Discipline Child"
    • "Shakey Girl"
    • "Top Ranking Special"
    • "Tired Fe Lick Weed"
    • "Peace Treaty Special"
  • Big Youth
    • "I Pray Thee"
    • "Every Nigger Is A Star"
    • "In This Ya Time"
    • "House of Dreadlocks"
    • "Isiah The First Prophet Of Old"
    • "Peace At Last"
    • "Old Man River"
    • "Hit The Road Jack"
  • Beres Hammond
    • "Smile"
    • "I Miss You"
    • "One Step Ahead"
  • Peter Tosh
  • Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus
    • "Ethiopian National Anthem"
    • "None A Jah Jah Children No Cry"
    • "Come Down"
    • "In A Amagideon"
    • "A New Name"
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers
    • "Lion of Judah"
    • "Natural Mystic"
    • "Trenchtown Rock"
    • "Natty Dread"
    • "Positive Vibration"
    • "War"
    • "Jammin'"
    • "One Love / People Get Ready"
    • "Jah Live"

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Song Jammin and Mr. Michael Manley and Mr. Edward Seaga are shake hands.Bob Marley united Jamaica.

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