Oksana Kazakova

Oksana Kazakova (Russian: Оксана Казакова, born April 8, 1975, St. Petersburg, Russia) is an Olympic and European figure skating champion. With partner Artur Dmitriev, she won the gold at the 1998 Olympics.


Kazakova began skating at age 4.

Before skating with Dmitriev, she skated with Dmitri Sukhonov. The pair finished 15th at the 1993 World Championships.

Artur Dmitriev's partner Natalia Mishkutenok decided to retire in 1994, but Dmitriev still wanted to compete. He and Kazakova began skating together in 1995. They won the European Championship in 1996 and the Olympics in 1998. They then turned professional and continued to skate together for several years.

Kazakova and Dmitriev were coached by Tamara Moskvina and trained at Yubileiny Sports Palace. Their choreogrpahers were Alexander Matveev, David Audish, and Moskvina.

Kazakova has been married to Alexei Novitski since 1996. She names Alexei Urmanov, Maya Usova, and Alexander Zhulin as her favorite skaters.

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