Oeste, (Portuguese for "West") is a NUTS 3 sub-region (Portuguese: sub-região) of the NUTS 2 region of Portugal named Centro. The sub-region is coterminous with the Urban Community (comunidade urbana, or ComUrb) of the same name. The sub-region has an area of 2,214.8 km² (2003 updated statistics) and a population of 353,050 (2005 statistics).

The twelve municipalities of the sub-region are:

As of 2003, the twelve municipalities contain a total of 121 parishes. The largest cities are Caldas da Rainha (30,000), Torres Vedras (25,000) and Peniche (16,000). It is a region famous for its fruits and vegetables production, namely the famous pêra rocha variety.

Rio Maior is in the Lezíria do Tejo sub-region, not Oeste, but is a member of the Associação de Municípios do Oeste (Association of Municipalities of the West).

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