Objetivo Fama

Objetivo Fama (sometimes abbreviated as OF, Spanish for Goal Fame) is a Puerto Rican singing talent contest that has been on air for over five years on WLII, the Univision outlet in Puerto Rico; and on Telefutura in the mainland United States. It is produced by Soraya Sánchez and Nelson Ruiz ES Television.

The program was loosely inspired by the late Puerto Rican singing talent contest and variety show, Voces en Función, and the Spanish reality show, Operación Triunfo. Twenty or so contestants are "bunkered" in a studio/house where they will live together for several months while participating in a weekly show where one of them is eliminated, en route to find a "young star". The winner of the show gets a record deal from Univision Music Group. The show's fifth season began in February 9, 2008.

Contestants are evaluated by a panel of judges, and viewers can vote on who they want to stay or leave the competition. Also, during the week they are assisted by singing and dancing teachers, stylists, costume designers, personal trainers, etc. in the studio/house to help them shape and improve their talent and image. The show is often said to be the Spanish version of American Idol, although technically speaking, the official Spanish version of that show is Latin American Idol.


Before the show season starts, auditions are held at several places in Puerto Rico and the United States to pick the finalists that will be featured in the show. These are evaluated by the show's producers. When the 20 contestants are selected, they are moved to Puerto Rico where the studio/house is located.


The studio/house is administered and managed by Puerto Rican singer, Lunna.

Weekly Shows

During the first two years, the weekly show was held at the Teatro del Parque in Santurce, it's third year in Caguas Performing Arts Center in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico. However, the fourth season moved to the Guaynabo Performing Arts Center in the city of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. The show usually starts with a big performance involving all the contestants in one song-and-dance number. Then, each contestant performs the song they had received and rehearsed during the week. Performances can vary from duos, trios, to single performances. Between participations, each contestant is interviewed and clips of the weeks happenings are shown.

After each presentation, each contestant is evaluated by the three judges. At the end of the show, the judges announce which contestants are "threatened" to leave the studio/house. Viewers then have one week to call and "save" their favorite contestant. The show closes with a performance by a guest artist.

Acceso Total

Literally translated as Total Access, this section follows every weekly show with interviews with contestants and judges. This special show began during the third season (2006) following the weekly show. It is hosted by José Figueroa and Liza Lugo.

Sin Editar

Loosely translated as Unedited, this is another weekly show where they follow the contestants lives at the studio/house and their rehearsals during the week. It also includes interviews and questions from the audience. In 2007, it was hosted by Daniela Droz. In the fifth season (2008), the show also included evaluations of each contestant past presentation from former judge, Hilda Ramos, and was hosted by Yizette Cifredo.


  • Roberto Sueiro (2004 - present) is a Puerto Rican artist and entertainment attorney. As a teenager, he sang with several rock bands and wrote songs while studying in the University of Florida. He finished law studies at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. He continued studies in intellectual property and music rights at the University of New York where he received a Masters Degree in Law, in 1992. He then released four albums under the pseudonym of Byron. He reached the Billboard lists and won several awards. He also delved into producing, and was one of the conceptual creators of Son By Four. He is currently practicing law in the field of entertainment and intellectual property, where he has represented several renowned artists. He has been judge during all four seasons of Objetivo Fama.
  • Hilda Ramos (2004 - 2007) is a Puerto Rican soprano that has become one of the most sought opera singers in the world since her debut in 1989 with the Puerto Rican Symphonic Orchestra. In 1993, she won the first prize at the Metropolitan Opera Auditions in Puerto Rico, and was one of the finalists of the regional auditions in New Orleans. She has performed at several places like Israel, Rome, Geneva, and the United States among others. She has performed at numerous world-known operas to much acclaim. In 2002, she debuted in New York, invited by Regina Resnik. In 2004 and 2005 she collaborated as a teacher in Objetivo Fama, and in 2006 debuted as one of the judges.
  • Fernando Allende (2006 - present) is a Mexican singer, actor, producer and director. He has acted in several soap operas in Spain, Mexico, and Latin America. Allende has traveled the world and lived in London for several years. In 2001 he moved to Puerto Rico where Allende has retaken his career as an actor and director. Allende also studied law at the Universidad La Salle in Mexico. He performs regularly as a mariachi and continues producing local films. In 2006 he was selected not only as one of the three judges, but also as the President of the Jury.
  • Lissy Estrella (2005) is a Puerto Rican singer. She served as a judge only for the second season.
  • Jimena (2008) is a Mexican singer. She is serving as judge on the fifth season.
  • Guest judges are sometimes brought in. Some of the most common are singer/host Charytin, and some radio hosts from Univision Radio.

Seasons Synopsis

Objetivo Fama
Objetivo Fama Finalists
(with dates of elimination)
Season 1 (2004)
Janina Irizarry Winner
April 24
Sheila Romero 2nd Place
Ektor Rivera 3th Place
Daniel Rodríguez 4th Place
Juan "Tony" Cordero April 17
Héctor Gotay April 17
Luis Montes April 17
Lizzette Medina April 10
Natalia Acosta Disqualified
March 31
Zania Sala March 27
Yaddeliz Martínez March 20
Elliot Suro March 13
Dominic Padilla March 6
Charlie Rodríguez February 28
Janayra Reyes February 21
Alex Soto February 14
Jencelamary Rivera February 7
Encarnita “Kany” García Disqualified
January 31
Season 2 (2005)
Anaís Martínez Winner
May 1
Azucena Salazar 2nd Place
Jayro Rosado 3th Place
Rodolfo Castera 4th Place
Esteban Nuñez April 23
Carmen Rivera April 23
Rosangela Abreu April 16
Tairon Aguilera April 9
Natalie Amaya April 3
Carlos Rubén Salazar ''Disqualified
March 30
Emilio Acevedo march 26
Carlos Alberto Aldana March 26
Wenceslao Navarro March 19
Karol De Jesús March 19
Verónica Zavala March 12
Marland Rodríguez March 5
Luis Angel López February 26
Priscila Salisbury February 19
Angélica Pacheco February 12
Darla Delgado February 5
Season 3 (2006)
Marlon Fernández Winner
May 14
Patricia “Patty” Contreras 2nd Place
Arquímides González 3th Place
Mary Ann Acevedo 4th Place
Jenilca Giusti May 6
José Barraza May 6
Helen Ochoa April 29
Patricia Mercado April 29
Edwin Gómez April 22
Brigitte Dávila April 22
Sunel Molina April 15
Ronald Martínez April 15
Francisco Salicrup April 8
Ediberto Carmenatty Disqualified
March 31
Soledad Sosa Disqualified
March 19
Josué Muñoz March 18
Melanie Figueroa March 11
Elionaid Iñiguez March 4
Gustavo Gutiérrez February 25
Guadalupe Castro February 18
Season 4 (2007)
Juan Antonio Vélez Winner
May 20
Iván Oswaldo López 2nd Place
Víctor Antonio Santiago 3rd Place
Nat Vásquez 4th Place
Frances Marrero May 12
José Luis Vargas May 5
Erica Gonzaba April 28
Ramón Alberto García April 21
Arturo Guerrero April 14
Natalia Herrera April 7
Luz María Aguilar March 31
Nathalie Rodríguez March 31
Aidsa Rodríguez March 24
Edgar Alberto Pérez March 24
Jorge Ochoa March 17
Héctor Arreguin March 17
Marissa Meza March 10
Lizmarie Goldilla March 3
Julissa Morel February 24
Marleen Salinas February 17
Season 5 (2008)
Cristina Eustace Winner
May 18
Samuel Colón 2nd Place
Yaindhi Álvarez 3rd Place
Jonathan Rios 4th Place
Jometh Andújar May 10
Javier Baerga May 3
Karen Rodríguez April 26
Sammy Genao April 19
Yerly Burgos April 12
Josué Pérez April 5
Leonardo Méndez March 29
Yaritza Rodríguez March 29
Luis Javier Chávez March 22
Diana Mercado March 22
Ronny Mercedes March 15
Magdalena León March 15
Blanca Rosa Alfonso March 8
Dalila Santa María March 1
Alfredo Lomelli February 23
Luz Leguizamo February 16

2004: First Season

See Objetivo Fama (First Season) for more information

This season was hosted by Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique, and Puerto Rican singer, actress and host Daniela Droz. It featured only Puerto Rican contestants.

The winner of the show was Janina Irizarry (also known as simply Janina), but several of the contestants have released their own albums having different levels of success. As of 2007, Janina has released two successful albums.

Early on the show, one of the contestants Encarnita “Kany” García suffered a car accident, which forced her to abandon the competition. She was in intensive care for some time and managed to recover. She has turned since into a much sought composer/songwriter. She even wrote a song for Janina's first album. García released her first album in 2007 which includes the hit "Hoy ya me voy". The album has been a success in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

Charlie Rodríguez was the first contestant of the show to release his own album and has also become a successful composer. He is currently working in his second album.

After the show, Luis Montes, Elliot Suro and Daniel Rodríguez went on to join Puerto Rican boy band, MDO. They released a successful album titled Otra Vez which peaked some music charts in Latin America. Their follow-up, Sabe A Tí, was released in 2008.

Also, both of the finalists (Sheila and Ektor) have recorded albums. Ektor is currently working with producers Luny Tunes for his next album.

Also, Zania Salas has turned into a producer of shows at Nickelodeon.

2005: Second Season

See Objetivo Fama (Second Season) for more information

This season was hosted by Mexican actor/singer, Víctor Noriega and Puerto Rican celebrity, Yizette Cifredo, and expanded the format to include international contestants.

The winner of the show was Dominican Anaís Martínez, but - like the first season - several of the contestants have already launched their own musical careers. Anaís is widely considered to be the most successful winner of the show.

Carlos Rubén Salazar was disqualified from the competition when he abandoned the house to see a girl friend (one of the show dancers). He is the brother of first finalist, Azucena. They have been working together on several musical projects, even playing at the White House in an activity in 2006. Azucena released her first album in 2008.

Two of the other finalists, Jayro and Esteban, have released albums in the island. Another of the finalists, Rodolfo Castera, has worked hosting several events in the island and is currently finishing acting classes. Rosangela Abreu recorded a duet with famous Salsa singer, Gilberto Santa Rosa. Both Esteban and Rosangela auditioned for the 2007 season of Latin American Idol, but Rosangela was the only one chosen finishing in third place.

Wenceslao Navarro has continued to work with his band and has released an album after the competition finished. Tairon Aguilera has dedicated himself to songwriting. He has written several songs for some of his fellow competitors of the show from past and future seasons. Emilio Acevedo is one of the singers of a merengue group called Zone D' Tambora, produced by Elvis Crespo.

In early 2007, the husband of Carmen Rivera was killed when he apparently intervened in a bar fight.

2006: Third Season

See Objetivo Fama (Third Season) for more information

This season was hosted by Mexican singer Yuri.

The winner of the show was Cuban Marlon Fernández, but several of the contestants have started their own musical careers not only singing but also in theatre.

During the show, Soledad Sosa was disqualified when she left the studio/house with her husband. She alleged that she couldn't stand being away from her husband. Shortly after, she got pregnant but had a miscarriage.

Ediberto Carmenatty was also disqualified when a medical condition forced him to do so. He has since recovered and is currently living in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Also, Gustavo and Jenilca started a relationship during the show. Gustavo is currently working on an album while also preparing for some acting projects.

Arquímides & Mary Ann Acevedo have released successful albums in the island. Acevedo also married merengue singer, Guillermo Torres, who is about 20 years older.

Helen Ochoa and Melanie Figueroa started working on a project called "Dos Destinos". However, Figueroa's complications with her condition of lupus forced her to abandon the project. Ochoa has continued with the project and plans to release an album in early 2007. Figueroa is currently recovering.

2007: Fourth Season

See Objetivo Fama (Fourth Season) for more information.

This season was again hosted by Mexican singer, Yuri. The winner of the show was Puerto Rican Juan Vélez.

Unlike previous seasons, this one opened in Los Angeles, California on February 3, with a pre-show where they presented the 30 semi-finalists chosen on the auditions through the United States and Puerto Rico. The 20 winners were announced and given a chance to perform.

The season officially opened in February 10. The weekly shows were aired from the Centro de Bellas Artes of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, alongside the new building of the Univision station in Puerto Rico. So far, the judges agree that the competitors of this season are more consistent than in past ones.

Sin Editar, the weekly show where they follow the contestants lives at the studio/house and their rehearsals during the week, this year was broadcast every Friday, and hosted by Daniela Droz.

One of the highlights so far is the relationship started between Juan Vélez and Erica Gonzaba. In March 17, they had a chance to perform together the song "Devuélveme la Vida" from Antonio Orozco, which garnered them much praise and applause from both the judges and the audience. Vélez, winner of the show, had the chance to perform the song together with Orozco himself in the finale.

This season's finale emerged as the highest rated program in the history of Univision Puerto Rico, and US Telefutura television broadcast stations.

After the show, finalists Juan, Iván, and Víctor, have all released successful albums. Juan sold out several shows at the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in San Juan, and had a concert at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum.

2008: Fifth Season

See Objetivo Fama (Fifth Season) for more information

This Fifth season was hosted by Yuri. The winner of the show was Mexican Cristina Eustace. It featured returning judges Roberto Sueiro and Fernando Allende. Mexican singer Jimena will replace Hilda Ramos. Still, Ramos has been featured weekly in the show Sin Editar offering her critics to the contestants.

The 20 final contestants were officially announced on February 2, 2008, during a show at the Puerto Rico Convention Center and the show officially began on February 9, 2008. A few days before, contestant Lorenzo Mendez was disqualified from the show because he was already signed to a record label. Ronny Mercedes was selected to replaced him.

The first show featured special presentations from Los Super Reyes and last year winner, Juan Vélez.

On May 14, 2008, four days before the final show of the season, host Yuri announced that she had been fired from the show. Charytin will replace her for the final show. At the same time, the credibility of the show was questioned after a video mentioning the four finalists with two weeks of anticipation surfaced on YouTube. The video was prepared by Pepsico as a promotion for a contest. The producers of the show have denied giving them any information about votes and results.

On August 21st, Soraya Sanchez announced that the 5th season of Objetivo Fama, has been it last. She said that the show should end while it is known as a phenomenon in Puerto Rico and the United States.


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