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Noxilo (Japanese: ノシロ語 [noshilo-go]) is an international auxiliary language, created by Mizta Sentaro (水田 扇太郎 [miz(u)ta sentarō]; Hepburn:MIZUTA Sentaro). In 1997 he published a book outlining the language, and presented it on his website. He claims it was created to address the alleged problems of several constructed languages, including; being based mostly on European languages, racism, and sexism.

Source of Words

The words of Noxilo are based on words from many languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean etc. Mizta Sentaro, creater of the language, asserts that this makes it more equal for worldwide speakers of many languages, who wish to learn Noxilo.

A good illustration of the many origins of the words lie in the numbers. Below is a chart that displays a number, its pronunciation, and origin.

Number Spelling Pronunciation Origin
0 XUNyA [SHU-nya] Sanskrit
1 II [EE] Chinese
2 NI [nee] Japanese
3 SAM [sahm] Korean
4 SII [SEE] Thai
5 LIMA [leema] Malay
6 ZEKS [zehks] German
7 SABAA [sah-BAH] Arabian
8 WIT [weet] French
9 KOO [KOE] Burmese
10 TIO [tio] Swedish
100 STO [sto] Rusian
1,000 MILA [meela] Italian
10,000 MAn [mahn] Chinese
100,000,000 OK [ok] Korean
1,000,000,000,000 QO [cho] Korean
10,000,000,000,000,000 KyOn [kyon] Korean

Noxilo Alphabet

The Noxilo Alphabet has two forms, the Latin form, and Noxilo's own unique alphabet. In the Latin form of the alphabet uppercase and lowercase letters are treated as separate letters. The alphabet is completely phonetic,


Sentences in Noxilo can use SOV and SVO. Mizta Sentaro This was done so that speakers of most languages could use a word order that was familiar to them or at least close to something they were familiar with.


J is pronounced like y. Q like k. X like sh. Y like j(or g as in gem).

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