Nokia 9000 Communicator

The Nokia 9000 Communicator was the first in Nokia's Communicator series, introduced in 1996. The phone was huge and heavy (397 g) in comparison with its modern equivalent the Nokia E90. The Communicator part is driven by an Intel 24 MHz 386 CPU. It has 8 MB of memory, which is divided between applications (4 MB), program memory (2 MB) and user data (2 MB). The operating system is GEOS 3.0.

In popular culture

The Nokia 9000i Communicator was used by Val Kilmer when he played Simon Templar in the 1997 remake of The Saint.


The Nokia 9110 Communicator is the updated model of the Nokia 9000 Communicator in the Communicator series. It has had a big change from the 9000 in that it weighs much less. The product line was later continued by the introduction of Nokia 9210 Communicator. The 9xxx Communicators introduced features which later evolved into smartphones.


  • Operating system: GEOS (running on top of DOS) on the PDA side
  • Main applications: Fax, short messages, email, Wireless imaging: digital camera connectivity, Smart messaging, TextWeb, Web terminal, Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Calculator; world time clock, Composer.
  • Size: 158×56×27 mm
  • Weight: 253 g
  • Processor: Embedded AMD 486 processor
  • Memory: 8 MB total, 4 MB Operating System and applications, 2 MB program execution, 2 MB user data storage, MMC card.


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