Nikki Newman

Nicole Ann "Nikki" Newman (nee' Reed previously Foster, Bancroft, DiSalvo, Abbott, Landers and Chow) is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, currently (and most notably) played by Melody Thomas Scott.

Character history

Since Nikki was introduced in 1978, she has gone from stripper and prostitute to Genoa City's most prominent socialite, largely as a result of her former marriages to wealthy tycoon Kevin Bancroft and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). She has two grown children, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow), both by Victor.

Nikki was a stripper who later started a romance with Kevin Bancroft (Christopher Holder) which was troubled by his disapproving mother Allison Bancroft (Lynn Wood). Allison bought a copy of a pornographic film titled Hot Hips, purportedly starring Nikki, in a bid to end Nikki's relationship with son Kevin. The film was distributed by criminal Tony Di Salvo (Joseph Taylor). Nikki was eventually able to prove that she did not perform the sex scenes featured in the film; they were enacted by a different woman and were intercut with video footage of Nikki stripping. During the relationship with Kevin, Nikki had a fling with Victor Newman. When Nikki became pregnant, there was some doubt to the paternity of the child. It was ultimately learned that Victor was the father. The relationship with Kevin ended and she took up with Rick Daros (Randy Holland) during her pregnancy. Nikki eventually gave birth to Victor's child, a daughter named Victoria. Despite putting himself at risk to run an ill baby Victoria to the hospital during a blizzard, Rick was ultimately revealed as a cruel villain and his relationship with Nikki ended.

Nikki and Victor

Nikki and Victor's love story was a rocky and tumultuous one. They met at a strip club called "The Bayou" (later renamed Marsino's, then Marilyn's) and first married in 1984. The marriage ended in 1988 and Victor and Nikki both moved on with other people - Nikki with Jack Abbott (played at the time by Terry Lester) and Victor with Jack's half-sister, Ashley (Eileen Davidson). Ashley became pregnant with Victor's child and soon had an abortion, a move she lived to regret. Grief over the loss of the child tore Victor and Ashley apart, and Nikki and Jack divorced soon after.

Victor's feelings for Nikki began to resurface, but Nikki, oblivious to this, married Dr. Joshua Landers (Heath Kizzier). Victor rebounded into the arms of Diane Jenkins (then played by Alex Donnelley) and they married shortly after. Tragedy struck when Joshua was shot dead by his jealous ex-wife, Veronica (Candice Daly), who had disguised herself and had been posing as Nikki and Joshua's maid, Sarah Lindsey. Hours later, Veronica shot and severely wounded Nikki, leading to Victor to divorce Diane and remarry Nikki on her death bed. Victor promised Diane that he would remarry her after Nikki died. When Nikki miraculously recovered, her family was ecstatic, but Diane was (rightly) concerned about where she stood with Victor. Victor soon broke it off with Diane.

After learning that, due to Nikki surviving, their marriage was invalid, Victor and Nikki remarried in a lavish ceremony in 2002.

Since then, Nikki has been kidnapped resulting in post traumatic stress disorder and has been shot by a carjacker. However, after the death of their granddaughter, Cassie (Camryn Grimes), in 2005, Victor and Nikki became determined to stay strong for their family and this made their relationship stronger than ever. Then in 2008 after Victoria recovered, Victor and Nikki got a divorce. Nikki soon got married to David Chow. and Victor married Sabrina, Victoria's old friend. Both David and Sabrina died in a car accident planned by Walter to kill David and Nikki but the driver mistook Sabrina for Nikki.

Professional Career

In recent years, Nikki has transitioned from wealthy socialite to being a prominent part of Genoa City's business community, despite the fact she bought her way in with Victor's considerable fortune.

Early in her career Nikki give Jabot $35 million dollars to help get the company out of debit. She was giving a sit on the board of directors and some share in the company. She later sold her share and gave up her sit on the board for money to start her own company, NVP Retreats.

In 2007, Nikki ran against Jack (Peter Bergman) in the race for Wisconsin state senate, but after a few mistakes and being caught on tape kissing her campaign manager, she lost the election to Jack.

In July 2007, Nikki, fed up with Victor's constant disapproval of her decisions, announced that she was leaving him. This led to a long and contentious divorce fueled in part by the involvement of David Chow (Vincent Irizarry) in Nikki's life. In 2008, Nikki and Victor's latest divorce was complete and Nikki lost ownership of NVP Retreats. The divorce was acrimonious and Nikki walked away with a $100 million dollar divorce settlement from Victor. Soon after, she was also made CEO of Jabot Cosmetics when Kay Chancellor stepped down as CEO of Chancellor Industries and made her daughter Jill Abbott CEO. Nikki later stepped down as CEO after a scandal with the death of her husband David and he gambling problems.

Recent events

Nikki married David Chow in June 2008 in a small ceremony in Mexico. After they were married, David told Nikki that he had an addiction to gambling and that he owes Walter over $250,000. In July 2008, David asked Nikki for a divorce because he gambled away all of his money and he doesn't want to gamble away all of hers, but then he asks for a second chance. Nikki bought them a multimillion dollar estate. Meanwhile, Paul Williams investigated David and finds David isn't even his real name. Nikki is going to ask David for a divorce when she finds out then David is going to drug her. The marriage is dissolved with the death of David.

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