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Nielsen Online

Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company, provides measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior. Previously a majority investor in both companies, Nielsen purchased NetRatings and BuzzMetrics in the spring of 2007, combining them to form Nielsen Online. Outside of the U.S., Nielsen Online operates in 16 countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


Products include:

  • NetView: An Internet audience measurement service that provides measurement and demographic data on Internet audiences.
  • AdRelevance: A service that captures advertising activity across all major industries, channels and ad formats and across most ad types, including all major forms of rich media, on the Web. The service also contains specific ad buyer contacts, and rate card information.
  • @Plan: A target-marketing platform for Internet media planning, buying and selling. It reports demographics, in-depth lifestyle and brand preference data.
  • VideoCensus: Audience measurement and analysis of online video usage.
  • SiteCensus: A site-centric reporting system uses server-side-visit reports. It provides media companies and publishers third-party measurement for Web site analysis, newsletter and email conversion tracking, ad and keyword measurement and audience assessment.
  • Market Intelligence: Census-based measurement of audited Web sites within specific markets. The service provides business effectiveness metrics, including unique browsers, page impressions, frequency and session duration.
  • BuzzMetrics: A service that helps companies measure, analyze and leverage the power of online consumers who share experiences, advice, opinions on everything from corporate crises to customer service and product performance.
  • BuzzTracker: Ongoing tracking studies to help clients understand the online conversation around a brand, issue, campaign, category, event or influence.
  • BuzzAudit: A study to deliver analysis and insight into online discussion related to a specific brand, issue, campaign, category, event or influence.
  • Buzz ThreatTracker: A text-mining technology that captures blog, message board, online forums and other social media venues to help clients identify and analyze threats to brand equity and corporate reputation.
  • Brand Association Map: A text analysis tool that provides visualization of how consumers talk about a brand or issue in unaided conversations.
  • Research and Analytics: Custom client work based on client needs and using Nielsen Online’s data, analytics and vertical intelligence.
  • Syndicated Studies include measurement and analysis of Internet activity – including audiences, advertising, video and CGM – around major events and topical issues including the Super Bowl, the Olympics, Nutrition and Sustainability.
  • MegaPanel®: A market research solution based on a sample of more than 500,000 Internet users measured worldwide, offering insight into Web user behavior.
  • Homescan Online, in partnership with Nielsen’s, measures both consumers’ offline purchasing behavior and online surfing activity.
  • Digital Strategic Services Delivers consulting and advisory services.

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