Nick Gage

"The Future of Hardcore" Nick Gage is a professional wrestler best known from Combat Zone Wrestling. Along with being the first ever CZW World Heavyweight Champion, he has wrestled at nearly every CZW show and has competed in more CZW matches than anyone. Nick Gage is the real life brother of fellow CZW wrestler and tag team partner Justice Pain.


Nick Gage is known for being the first ever CZW World Heavyweight Champion and for being part of the H8 Club tag team. Before teaming with Nate Hatred as the H8 Club, Gage won the CZW World Tag Team Championship with Zandig. He would later team up with Hatred and wrestle such teams as the Briscoe Brothers, VD, and The Backseat Boyz. Together, they won the tag team championship from the original H8 Club of Wifebeater and Justice Pain. Gage and Hatred would break up in 2003 when Hatred joined Messiah's stable, the Hi-V. They feuded for nearly one year, and met in the Cage of Death match at Cage of Death V. Nick Gage was on Zandig's team to face the Hi-V. At the end of the match, Hatred turned on Messiah and rejoined Gage. After reforming, they regained the tag championship, but lost it to The Blackout. At Cage of Death VI, The H8 Club of Nick Gage and Nate Hatred faced the H8 Club of Wifebeater and Justice Pain, with the winners winning the right to the H8 Club name. That night, Nick Gage and Justice Pain turned on their partners joined each other. They would then win the tag team championship and hold it for many months before losing to Necro Butcher and Toby Klein.

Gage feuded with Necro Butcher and fought him in many deathmatches. They faced each other at Cage of Death 7 in the Cage of Death match, with Justice Pain and Zandig on Gage's team and Joker and Toby Klein on Necro's team. After Cage of Death, Gage and Necro Butcher fought in a triple threat no rope barbed wire match with J.C. Bailey for Bailey's Ultraviolent Underground Championship. Gage captured the title that night. Gage later became color commentator for CZW DVDs, replacing Eddie Kingston. On July 29, 2006, Nick Gage won Tournament of Death 5 defeating Brain Damage, JC Bailey, and Drake Younger in the final round. After this, Gage began exhibiting strange behavior. He attacked LuFisto after she won the Iron Man title, he has had incidents with Zandig and Justice Pain, and has insulted the fans on many occasions, most notably on commentary. He has since been removed from his commentary position. At Last Team Standing on October 14, he and Justice Pain made it to the finals of the tag team tournament. However, he left the arena before the last match. The next night, he lost the Ultraviolent Underground Championship to Drake Younger.

At Night of Infamy 5, problems between Gage, Lobo, and Zandig continued, leading to a Cage of Death match between the three. Before the match started, Gage's enemy LuFisto came to the ring and entered herself in the match. Gage won by pinning Zandig. The next month, Gage was scheduled to face LuFisto in a one on one match, but LuFisto was injured and the match was canceled.

As of late, Gage has been sporadic in his appearances in CZW, opting instead to do commentary and talk about random things, like his need for a Whopper with cheese (CZW Last Team Standing, Later in the night when Gage appeared for his match, he had a Whopper with cheese in hand.

Gage made his return to CZW at the ninth annual Cage of Death event on December 8th. He defeated Messiah and Ruckus in a Triple Threat Match to become a three time CZW World Heavyweight Champion.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

*Chokeslam backbreaker
*Hardcore Drop (Scoop brainbuster)
*Senton bomb
*Diving headbutt
*Frog splash
*Piledriver, sometimes while applying a double underhook
*Running elbow drop
*Arched big boot

*The Future of Hardcore
*The Man
*Nick Fuckin' Gage

*Little Crazy by Fight
*Voodoo by Godsmack
*For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica
*My Friend of Misery by Metallica

Championships and accomplishments

*BJW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Zandig

*CZW World Heavyweight Championship (3 times) (First)
*CZW Iron Man Championship (2 times)
*CZW World Tag Team Championship (4 times) - with Zandig (1), Nate Hatred (2), and Justice Pain (1)
*CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship (1 time)
*CZW Death Match Championship (1 time)
*CZW Tournament of Death V winner (2006)

*IWA Mid-South Strong Style Championship (1 time, current)


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