New York State Route 391

New York State Route 391 is a short state highway in Erie County, New York, USA. Though signed as a north/south route, this highway runs more southeast/northwest between the hamlet of North Boston and the Village of Hamburg. It was formerly U.S. Route 219 before the construction of the 4-lane divided highway US 219, known as the "Springville Expressway", through the towns of West Seneca and Orchard Park in the 1970s.

Route description

Route 391 begins at an intersection with New York State Route 277 (Hernan Hill Road) in the census-designated place of North Boston. The highway heads to the northwest as Hamburg-Springville Road. The route is surrounded by the suburban homes and several local roads, many of which lead to more homes. Route 391 gains the name Boston State Highway, and turns to the northwest a little more, until turning west completely. The highway intersects with U.S. Route 219, where the surroundings of the highway begin to change.

From the 219 interchange, Route 391's surroundings become rural, with Eighteen Mile Creek parallelling to the south. There are homes at certain points, but fields are the main attractions. Soon afterwards, Route 391 enters more residential areas again, turning to the west towards downtown Hamburg. Neuman Creek is nearby, with small ponds surrounding the highway. There is an intersection with County Route 204 (McKinley Parkway), which heads to the north towards the center of Erie County.

When Route 391 enters Hamburg, it intersects with County Route 110 (Newton Road). The road then becomes surrounded by commercial and residential buildings, which follow the rest of the way. Soon after, U.S. Route 62 and County Route 220 intersect, where Route 391 terminates. The road continues on as U.S. Route 62.


Route 391 was originally assigned as part of New York State Route 62 in the 1930 renumbering. The entirety of NY 62 was absorbed into an extended U.S. Route 219 by 1935. In the 1970s, US 219 was rerouted north of Hamburg to follow the new Southern Expressway to West Seneca. The former routing of US 219 into Hamburg was redesignated as NY 391. An extension of the Southern Expressway to Springville was completed in the early 1980s and became part of a realigned US 219. NY 391 was then extended southeast along the former routing of US 219 to meet NY 277 in North Boston.

NY 391 was truncated in 2004 to end at U.S. Route 62 instead of NY 75 (via an overlap with US 62).

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