New York Hot Tracks

New York Hot Tracks was a syndicated music television series that aired from 1983-89. It was produced and syndicated by M.K. Thomas & Company in association with WABC-TV, mostly to other ABC stations. The show debuted on July 22, 1983, a full week before Friday Night Videos. The original host was WKTU DJ Carlos DeJesus who would introduce the videos from various locations, usually dance clubs.

The style of videos shown were mostly dance and hip-hop with a few pop videos. Later it evolved to the "A List" of music stars who actually co-hosted the show when they were in New York. The list included: Tina Turner, Madonna, The Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, Anita Baker, David Bowie, and many more. This attracted attention of many national sponsors who supported the show. Executive Producers were Brooke Johnson of WABC-TV, Michelle K. Thomas of M. K. Thomas& Company, and Line Produced weekly by David Novarro.

From 1986-1989 the show was hosted by ABC's soap stars Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan from All My Children. During this period the show led as number one in all significant ratings categories according to A.C. Nielsen Company, November, 1987. The third and final host of the show was Gene Anthony Ray, formerly of the movie and television hit series, 'FAME". It was cancelled late in 1989 by its syndicator, M. K. Thomas & Company of Chicago after having grown from airing in New York only to more than 110 television stations around the United States. Program masters are current property of KHEMETCOM Entertainment Omnimercial Media, which purchased assets of M.K. Thomas & Company in 1997.

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