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New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (Simplified Chinese 新东方教育科技集团, ), more commonly New Oriental (Simplified Chinese 新东方) is a provider of private educational services in China.


Beijing New Oriental School was established on November 16, 1993 by an English teacher YU Minhong at Peking University. In the earlier years, it only offered training on GRE and TOEFL since a vast majority of the students were looking into graduate schools. Recently, due to the trend of high schoolers graduating directly into undergraduate schools, New Oriental began SAT training as well. It has now 20 schools all over the nation, and has expended its service to National English Exam, Teenage English and other type of English training. It also provide consulting service for studying abroad.

September 7, 2006, New Oriental landed on New York Stock Exchange.


Yu Minhong is the founder and president of New Oriental. He is honored as Godfather of Study Abroad among Chinese students. Some New Oriental staff affectionately refer to him as "Old Fish" (Lao Yu).

His teaching style was considered to be inspiring and humorous. Later on, it becomes the traditional teaching style of New Oriental School. Before teachers are employed, they have to go through interviews and mock-lectures where they are tested before other teachers. Instructors will take on arduous training once they are employed. "Grading sheets" are also passed out to students at the end of each course so that the teachers may be evaluated.

The tuition is usually very expensive.

Legal Conflicts with ETS

2001, Educational Testing Service sent a public letter to US universities, reminding them to pay special attention to Chinese students' GRE scores. In this letter, ETS hinted that New Oriental used their past exam questions in teaching without authorizations.

In January, 2001, New Oriental was sued by the ETS for illegally copying, publishing, and selling its testing questions for examinations for non-English-speaking students since 1997.

On September 27, 2003, the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing made a ruling during the first trial, ordering the Chinese school to pay over 10 million yuan (about 1.2 million US dollars) to the ETS in compensation for the infringement.

The Higher People's Court of Beijing has maintained that the Beijing-based New Oriental School (NOS) should pay compensation to the ETS, of the United States, for the infringement of copy and trademark rights.

However, the higher court has reduced the sum of compensation by over 6 million yuan (about 722,000 US dollars) to 3,740,186.2 yuan (about 450,624 US dollars) plus 22,000 yuan (about 2,650 US dollars) for court charges.

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