New Jersey Route 18

Route 18 is a state highway in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It begins at an intersection with Route 138 in Wall Township and ends when the road disseminates into Hoes Lane in Piscataway. Much of the route is a limited-access freeway, including the entire portion in Monmouth County and the northern end through New Brunswick and Piscataway. The remainder of the route is a multi-lane divided highway.

Route 18 was formerly numbered Route S28 and was changed to its current designation in the 1953 renumbering. The route originally ended at New Jersey Route 27 at the border between Highland Park and New Brunswick, but was extended northward to County Route 622. It was further extended in 2004, and currently ends at Hoes Lane in Piscataway. However, construction to extend the route to Interstate 287 in Piscataway will begin in 2008. Other current construction includes converting the segment from U.S. Route 1 to Route 27 into an express/local roadway configuration with new interchanges.

Route description

Route 18 begins at a partial-cloverleaf interchange with Route 138 in Wall Township. The road begins by going to the north and parallels a local street for a short time. The second exit going northbound on 18 is for Monmouth Boulevard, a local road in New Bedford. Route 18 passes under County Route 18 near New Bedford and Glendola. The road continues to the north, interchanging with Brighton Avenue going southbound and Marconi Road going northbound. Brighton Avenue then begins to parallel 18 as the road continues into Neptune. In Neptune, Route 33 and County Route 17 interchange at Exit 8. The exit is split into 8A and 8B going southbound. The parallel with Brighton Avenue comes to an end as Route 18 continues into Ocean Township.

County Route 17 crosses over the highway at milepost 9.22 as Route 18 enters Ocean Township. Route 66 interchanges with Route 18 at Exits 10A and B at 9.54 miles. Exits 11A and B are in Ocean Township as well, and are for Deal Road. The next exits on Route 18 are for West Park Avenue in Ocean Township. The exits are only southbound however. Route 18 enters Eatontown and interchanges with County Route 547 at Exit 13A. Exit 13B, an exit a little further north, is for Route 36 in Tinton Falls.

Route 18 crosses over the Garden State Parkway afterwards, at mileposts 14.25 and 14.4. Exit 15A going northbound is for County Route 38 northbound, also known as Wayside Road. Exit 15B going southbound is for the same road in the other direction. Route 18 for a short time parallels County Route 537 in Colts Neck. Exit 19A comes up at milepost 19.02 for Route 34 northbound. Exit 19B, which is for Route 34 southbound, interchanges a quarter-mile later. The next interchange on Route 18 is for County Route 537 at Exits 22A and B in Colts Neck. Just after the interchange with 537, Route 18 leaves Colts Neck for Freehold. About 0.5 miles later, the road leaves Freehold for Marlboro and crosses under County Route 46.

The next interchange on Route 18 is for Route 79 in Marlboro. Comprised of Exits 25A and 25B, the exits make a complete cloverleaf interchange. Exit 29 is for County Route 520 and County Route 3 in Marlboro. The final interchange on the freeway is for U.S. Route 9 in Old Bridge Township. After this point, Route 18 continues the rest of the way in Middlesex County. Route 18's freeway segment ends as Route 18 becomes a divided highway. The first interchange in this segment is for Spring Valley Road, which brings you back to Route 9. Marlboro Road and Foxborough Drive are at the first traffic light on Route 18. Ferry Road is at the second traffic light, which leaves to the right.

County Route 700 leaves to the right in Old Bridge at milepost 32.32. County Route 700 parallels Route 18 for a short distance until it comes to an end near the interchange with County Routes 516 and 527. The interchange, which is a partial cloverleaf, is located in south Old Bridge. Just after the interchange, Route 18 leaves Old Bridge for East Brunswick. The intersection after the town border is for County Route 615 and County Route 527.

Hillsdale Road begins to the left at an interchange going southbound. Going northbound, Middlesex County Route 617 crosses just before its terminus at County Route 527. For a distance after the County Route 617 intersection, Route 18 passes by Brunswick Square Mall. The next interchange on Route 18 is for Race Track Road at milepost 36.21. Arthur Street, a connector from County Route 613 to County Route 527, interchanges soon after. County Routes 535 has a short concurrency with Route 18 in East Brunswick, until an interchange with Summerhill Road, where County Route 613 ends and County Route 535 continues. County Route 606, Milltown Road, crosses soon after at an interchange. At this point, County Route 527 is still paralleling 18.

West Ferris Street, a connector to County Route 527, is at the next traffic light. West Prospect Street, also known as County Route 677 is at the next traffic light. Tices Lane, once a one-way road, but since 2007 a two-way road, interchanges with Route 18 at milepost 38.38. Less than a mile later, County Route 527 merges into Route 18 and the two roads become concurrent. Also present at the merge is Edgeboro Road, which begins to the right. Route 18 crosses over the New Jersey Turnpike at milepost 39.58 and interchanges with it at milepost 39.94. Route 18 leaves East Brunswick at milepost 40.3 and enters New Brunswick.

Just after leaving East Brunswick, U.S. Route 1 interchanges with Route 18. Route 18 becomes known as Burnet Street in New Brunswick and intersects with Paulus Boulevard and Route 172 soon after. Commercial Avenue, a commuter road in New Brunswick, leaves to the left at milepost 41.7. Route 27 interchanges at 42.29 miles. Bishop Place interchanges with Route 18 near Rutgers University. Route 18 parallels County Route 672 for a short distance before leaving to the north on the John A. Lynch, Sr. Memorial Bridge over the Raritan River. Just past the north end of the bridge, in Piscataway, was Route 18's former terminus at County Route 622. The road now continues north for another mile, intersecting with Metlars Lane and Avenue E before dissipating into Hoes Lane in Piscataway.

Design work has been completed to extend Route 18 north from Hoes Lane to directly connect with Interstate 287. However, the project has no official scheduled starting date at this time.


Prior to the 1953 renumbering, Route 18 was Route S28, and split from Route 28 near Bound Brook. It was signed east-west for a while even after it became Route 18.

NJDOT had anticipated upgrading the section of Route 18 through New Brunswick to freeway (or Jersey freeway) status. They even proposed an extension of the freeway from New Brunswick, through Piscataway and finally terminating at U.S. Route 22 in Bound Brook. However, tight funding in the 1970s caused both of these plans to fall through.

Construction began in 1965 on a 6.7-mile segment between Exit 6 in Wall Township and Exit 11 in Ocean Township. This portion opened between 1967 and 1972.

Soon after, new environmental regulations forced construction to cease. Most of the Route 18 right-of-way had already been consumed by 1970, however, designs for much of the freeway had not yet been submitted. In 1973, after work on new overpasses began in Monmouth County, the Federal Highway Administration ordered the New Jersey Department of Transportation to cease construction, pending environmental studies. Later portions of Route 18 would now be subject to State and Federal environmental design and impact studies.

With the environmental problems behind them, construction resumed on the section between Exit 15 in Eatontown and Exit 30 in Old Bridge. The construction was completed in 1979. A missing section of Route 18, between Exit 11 and Exit 12 in Ocean Township, was completed and opened in 1987. A missing link still was existent, with the southern end of Route 18 between Exit 12 and Exit 15 was joined in 1991 with the completion of the massive Eatontown interchange (Exits 13-15), where Route 18 meets the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Route 36.Route 18 was extended north from River Road, just across the Raritan River from New Brunswick, around 2004. Plans are in place to rebuild Route 18 south to U.S. Route 1 and the New Jersey Turnpike, but not as a full freeway. There are also plans to extend Route 18 north from Hoes Lane to Interstate 287; this too may not be built as a freeway. To the south, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) had plans to extend the southern terminus to the Brielle Circle, which is why Route 138 is exit 6 rather than 0 or 1. A portion of the right-of-way that NJDOT owns has been converted into a multi-use trail that links the Wall Township Municipal complex to the existing Edgar Felix Bikeway that runs from Manasquan to Allaire State Park.

The north-south portion east of the Garden State Parkway (south of exit 13B in Eatontown) was initially planned as a replacement of Route 35, but those plans were canceled and it instead became part of Route 18. Only the part south of Exit 11 was built as Route 35.


There are several future projects to work on Route 18. The first is route 18 through downtown New Brunswick is being upgraded to a local/express format. The project will allow for an inner freeway and an outer connector road. The project started in 2005 and will last until at least 2009. The limits of the upgrade are from Route 27 to U.S. Route 1. The interchange with CR 527 in Old Bridge Township will provide for missing movements and a bridge replacement, as well as potential widening. The current northern terminus with Hoes Lane will be extended further north as an arterial boulevard to Interstate 287. Traffic signals will be modified and upgraded, as well as consolidated. The project will be pedestrian friendly and most likely feature bike paths that will tie into the existing ones that parallel the freeway portion. The project is currently in design and will likely see construction in 2008. The NJDOT is in planning to create a Park & Ride at the terminus of the current Route 18 freeway. It will be placed along the four lane right of way just south of Route 138. Residents are in opposition to this proposal for fear of loitering and vandalism that may accompany the parking lot.

Construction is slated for the interchange with County Routes 516 and 527 in Old Bridge to realign the faulty geometric designs there. Improvements include adding inside shoulders and widening County Routes 516 and 527. Also, a new signalized ramp will be added for access to County Routes 516 and 527. After these are complete, County Route 516's intersection with Old Matawan Road is to be relocated. The project will cost over $28 million and is slated to begin in 2009. The project is slated to end in 2010.

Major intersections

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Monmouth Wall Township 5.14 6A Southbound exit and northbound entrance
5.14 6B Includes a northbound exit that serves as a U-turn for traffic on NJ 138 east
5.72 6C Monmouth Boulevard Northbound exit and southbound entrance
6.82 7 Brighton Avenue, Marconi Road – Shark River Hills, Glendola Signed as exits 7A (east) and 7B (west) southbound
Neptune Township 8.28 8 Signed as exits 8A (east) and 8B (west) southbound
9.84 10 Signed as exits 10A (east) and 10B (west)
Ocean Township
11.37 11 Deal Road – Wayside Northbound exit and southbound entrance; signed as exits 11A (east) and 11B (west)
12.07 12 West Park Avenue – Oakhurst, Wayside Southbound exit and northbound entrance; signed as exits 12A (east) and 12B (west)
Eatontown 13.46 13A Northbound exit and southbound entrance
13.82 13B
13.92 13A Hope Road (CR 51) No northbound exit
Tinton Falls
14.40 15A Southbound exit and northbound entrance
14.51 15A Wayside Road (CR 38) north
14.51 15B Wayside Road (CR 38) south Southbound exit only
Colts Neck Township 19.02 19 Signed as exits 19A (north) and 19B (south)
22.31 22 Signed as exits 22A (east) and 22B (west)
Marlboro Township 25.20 25 Signed as exits 25A (north) and 25B (south)
28.40 29
Middlesex Old Bridge Township 30.35 30 , New York Northbound exit and southbound entrance
30.35 30 Southbound exit and northbound entrance
North end of freeway
31.08 Spring Valley Road
31.33 Foxborough Drive, Marlboro Road
31.75 Ferry Road – Browntown
32.80 Maple Street
33.58 Southwood Drive
34.41 South end of CR 527 overlap; interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
East Brunswick Township 34.90 Main Street (CR 527 north / CR 615) – The Amboys, Spotswood North end of CR 527 overlap; interchange
35.12 Hillsdale Road
35.57 Rues Lane (CR 617)
35.89 Brunswick Square Mall
36.21 Race Track Road
36.68 Arthur Street
36.95 Spotswood (CR 613) Interchange; no northbound exit
37.14 Cranbury Road (CR 535) – South River, Cranbury Interchange
37.33 Milltown Road (CR 606) – South River, Milltown Interchange
37.88 West Ferris Street
38.26 West Prospect Street (CR 677)
38.38 Tices Lane
38.89 Old Bridge Turnpike (CR 527), Edgeboro Road South end of CR 527 overlap
39.29 Eggers Street
39.55 Kennedy Boulevard Interchange
39.94 Interchange
39.98 Naricon Place
40.22 Tower Center Boulevard Northbound exit and entrance
New Brunswick 40.61 Interchange
40.90 Paulus Boulevard
41.41 North end of CR 527 overlap; interchange; nortbound exit and southbound entrance
41.75 Commercial Avenue Interchange under construction
South end of freeway
41.96 New Street No southbound exit
42.24 Burnet Street Southbound exit and entrance
42.29 Northbound exit and southbound entrance
42.89 George Street – Rutgers University Northbound exit and southbound entrance
43.20 Southbound exit and northbound entrance
43.50 Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Piscataway Township 43.86 River Road (CR 622) – Highland Park, Piscataway
44.28 Campus Road – Rutgers Stadium, Busch Campus
44.70 Metlars Lane (CR 609), Davidson Road – Rutgers RAC, Livingston Campus
45.30 Hoes Lane Continuation beyond Metlars Lane


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