Never Again (The X-Files)

"Never Again" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of the television series The X-Files. When Mulder is forced to go on vacation, he reluctantly leaves Scully in charge of a case. She goes off to Philadelphia and in the course of her investigation, she meets Ed Jerse, a man coming out of a divorce and a drinking binge. When their paths cross sparks fly and after a date at a bar, which becomes a tattoo a deux, Scully spent the night at his apartment, it is unknown whether they slept together. The only trouble is that Ed is more than he seems to be - his own newly acquired tattoo, which Scully so much admires, talks to him and does not want to share him - especially not with Scully.


  • Jodie Foster provides the voice for Betty. Foster was a close friend of casting agent Randy Stone, who originally recommended both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson for their X-Files roles.
  • As Scully asks for her personal desk in the cellar office, Mulder is shown in one cut with a clock on the table which is mirror-inverted.
  • In the opening bar scene, the song playing in the background is "Tattooed Love Boys" by The Pretenders.
  • In a later bar scene with character Ed Jerse, the song on the jukebox is "The Have Nots" performed by the LA punk rock band X (from Under the Big Black Sun). The Fight the Future soundtrack features a cover of Crystal Ship recorded by X.
  • During the episode, Scully goes to a tattoo parlor at the behest of Jerse. While there she selects a tattoo called an Ouroboros--a depiction of a serpent coiled into a circle devouring its own tail. This emblem is the logo for the television series Millennium and the fictional group after which the program is named. The episode was written by Glen Morgan and James Wong, who were also frequent contributors to Millennium, as well as executive producers of the program during its second season.
  • Famed movie director Quentin Tarantino of 'Pulp Fiction' fame was originally intended to direct this episode, but was stopped from doing so by the Directors Guild of America. The episode was written specifically for Tarantino to direct. Due to the DGA intervening, the feel and character interaction appear out of sync with the series. The DGA complained that Tarantino (who is not a member) failed to pay the union for lost income as a result of his work on ER as a director.

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