Nervous & Weird

Nervous & Weird is an EP by Everclear, released in 1993. It was the first official release by the band. In addition to the CD, there was also a 7" release, which featured the title track on side A and "Electra Made Me Blind" on side B.

Song information

"Nervous and Weird" later appeared on their first album, World of Noise. "Connection" is a Rolling Stones cover. "Slow Motion Genius" has musical similarities to "Your Genius Hands", also on World of Noise. "Electra Made Me Blind" was later re-recorded for Sparkle and Fade.

Track listing

All songs by Art Alexakis and Everclear except where noted.

  1. "Nervous and Weird" – 2:32
  2. "Lame" – 2:07
  3. "Drunk Again" – 3:03
  4. "Connection" (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards) – 2:14
  5. "Electra Made Me Blind" – 4:06
  6. "Slow Motion Genius" – 1:26


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