NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship

The NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship started in 1979. It was formed by a split in lineage from the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship caused by the first retirement of champion Nelson Royal the same year. The first champion, Steve Keirn, was recognized as World champion only by Florida, Los Angeles, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. This version was eventually taken to the latter promotion by Tatsumi Fujinami, who already held the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship.

In 1981 champion Chavo Guerrero Sr. left NJPW to go back to the United States, only to come back to Japan under the banner of All Japan Pro Wrestling, where it was renamed the International Junior Heavyweight Championship to avoid confusion and (along with being given a new belt design) in general line with AJPW's NWA titles. The championship became the cornerstone of AJPW's junior heavyweight division until its eventual replacement by the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship, which kept the belt design.

Title history

Wrestler Reigns Date Location Notes
Steve Keirn 1 December 10, 1979 Los Angeles, California Defeated Chavo Guerrero in a decision match to be recognized as NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion in Los Angeles.
Tatsumi Fujinami 1 February 1, 1980 Sapporo, Japan Also holds WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship, but defends the titles separately.
Mike Graham 1 February 15, 1980 Hollywood, Florida Recognized as World Champion in Florida.
Tatsumi Fujinami 2 April 4, 1980 Kawasaki, Japan
Vacated on June 1980 when Fujinami is injured.
Kengo Kimura 1 July 2, 1980 Kita Kyushu, Japan Defeated Bret Hart in a decision match.
Chavo Guerrero 1 October 3, 1980 Tokyo, Japan
Gino Hernandez 1 February 27, 1981 Houston, Texas
Chavo Guerrero 2 September 1981 unknown
Atsushi Onita 1 March 7, 1982 Charlotte, North Carolina Billed as International champion in Jim Crockett Promotions.
Sangre Chicana 1 April 11, 1982 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Recognized as World champion in Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre.
Atsushi Onita 2 April 30, 1982 Mexico City, Mexico
Title held up on July 30, 1982, after a match against Chavo Guerrero that ended in a no-decision; NWA and AJPW rename the title the NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship; Onita and Guerrero have several rematches.
Atsushi Onita 3 November 4, 1982 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Chavo Guerrero in rematch.
Vacated on April 15, 1983 when Onita breaks his leg during a match against Hector Guerrero.
Chavo Guerrero 3 May 26, 1983 Tenryu, Japan Defeats Ultra Seven in tournament final.
Mighty Inoue 1 February 26, 1984 Osaka, Japan
Dynamite Kid 1 June 8, 1985 Takamatsu, Japan
Kuniaki Kobayashi 1 June 13, 1985 Koga, Japan
Tiger Mask 1 August 31, 1985 Tokyo, Japan
Vacated on June 1986 when Tiger Mask graduates to the heavyweight division; replaced with AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship.
Hirooki Goto 1 March 4, 2007 Mexico City, Mexico Defeated Shocker in a tournament final to revive the title for Toryumon Mexico.
Vacated on September 7, 2007 when Goto graduates to the heavyweight division

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