Mordekhay Nesiyahu

Mordekhay Nesiyahu (מרדכי נסיהו) is the founder of a little known Israeli subsect named Cosmotheism, and is affiliated with both the Israeli Labor Party and also extremist third temple groups.

In Cosmotheism — Israel, Zionism, Judaism and Humanity towards the 21st Century, Nesiyahu proposed not to just assume the existence of God as being "prior to all that was created", but to consider God as only being a result of the development of the universe and the consciousness of all of humankind. Divinity on this view is a human invention. The development of the divine (or what the believer would qualify as being "the revelation of the Divine") was, in Nesiyahu's opinion, both the condition for a more exalted human functioning and all that bears the fruit of it.

In Nesiyahu's universalist re-imagining of a secular divinity, the universal celebration of Cosmotheism is the basis for rebuilding the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and is also a secular ethnically Jewish and a Zionist contribution to all of humankind.

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