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=The Moon name stands for quality and integrity in speed and racing equipment. Moon Equipment itself is pride. Pride because we make specialty equipment that is acclaimed and respected by the best of racers, street rodders, and engine builders.

They share our pride; pride in what they do and in the equipment they use. Those who sell our equipment do so with a sense of responsibility and a guarantee of experience. They also share in our pride of Moon products.

Moon Equipment is professionalism. Professionalism because we are totally experienced with the equipment we make, and methods required to make them better than any other manufacturer. Our professionalism reflects our pride in the sport we serve and the products we offer. It has taken progress to continually maintain the high degree of imagery we maintain. Progress has meant expansion of our facilities, new buildings, new techniques and methods, and a never-ending research program to find better ways of building new ideas, and new products.

All of this contributes to new and better products for the industry and sport of racing, and all show a preoccupation with quality. When you use Moon Equipment you will share in our pride.

-- Dean Moon

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