Monkey Business (TV series)

Monkey Business is a long-running show about the exploits of various primates who reside at Monkey World, a rescue centre and sanctuary for primates in Dorset, United Kingdom. The show features Jim and Alison Cronin as the heads of Monkey World, who travel around the world rescuing primates (primarily chimpanzees, though they have rescued other primates as well), returning them to Monkey World. Their goal is to reorient the rescued monkeys and allow them to live in as natural a habitat as possible, including being part of various groups.

The series is made by Meridian Broadcasting and is now showing its 9th series on both ITV Meridian and Animal Planet. Previous season episodes can also sometimes be seen on National Geographic Channel.

Human elements

Alison Cronin is the main owner of Monkey World. Along with running a zoo-like sanctuary, she also nurses and feeds the animals living there. However, the main keeper is Jeremy, who is mostly occupied with the Chimpanzees. Other employees are Alan, the gardener and several others.

Jim Cronin recently lost his battle against liver cancer. Jim had previously co-owned Monkey World alongside his wife, Alison.


There are several chimpanzees, divided in three groups. for example, there is one group, consisting of Sally and several immature chimpanzees. Another group is made up of all adult chimps.

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