Moe book

A moe book (萌え本) is a type of instructional book using bishōjo characters for tutorial purposes, with some illustrated in comic book format.

A close American counterpart would be the M16 instruction manual issued during Vietnam War .


The oldest known moe book was the Copyright and legal guide for computer user (コンピュータユーザのための著作権&法律ガイド), published in 2002-9.

In Moeru Eitango Moetan, published in 2003-11, full visual was added. English words examples are heavily inspired by ACG, resulting in over 200,000 books sold.

Later, Shuwa System, Eagle Publishing joined the moe book business.

In 2006-2, Enterbrain published Moeken, which explicitly targeted fans of moe. Also, Ikaros started to publish moe books.

List of moe books and publishers

Mainichi Communications Inc.

  • Copyright and legal guide for computer user (コンピュータユーザのための著作権&法律ガイド)

SansaiBooks Co., Ltd.

Shuwa System Co., Ltd.

  • (ぽえりな)
  • Magical Tunnel SoftEther (魔法のトンネル SoftEther)

Eagle Publishing

  • Moemoe series ()

JTB Publishing Inc.

MicroMagazine Corporation

Coremagazine Co.,Ltd.

Ikaros Publications Ltd.


Eichi Publishing Inc.

  • Love Yoga (ラブ・ヨガ 萌える『ヨガ教則本』!!)

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