Mitsubishi Regional Jet

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is a passenger jet aircraft seating 70-96 passengers to be manufactured by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, a partnership between majority owner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toyota Motor Corporation. The aircraft program is expected to be launched in early 2008.

Design and development

Analysts have pondered if the market will be big enough for Mitsubishi to make money as it competes with established aircraft, such as the Embraer 170 series, Bombardier CRJ700, as well as the planned Russian Sukhoi Superjet and Chinese ACAC ARJ21. However, backlog for all medium sized jet makers including Airbus A320s , Boeing 737s, and Embraer E-Jets are over 4 years, with many expanding airlines eager to get their hands on any new aircraft.

The MRJ will be the launch platform for Pratt & Whitney's PW1000G Geared Turbofan engine. The aircraft is expected to be the first regional jet aircraft to adopt composite materials for its airframe on a significant scale. Mitsubishi is currently involved in producing composite wings for the Boeing 787.

A cabin mockup and a scale model was presented at the 47th Paris Air Show in June 2007. The company has decided to formally offer the aircraft for sale to potential customers. Production is planned to begin in 2012.


Six versions are planned using two different fuselage lengths. The MRJ70 will have a passenger capacity of 70-80 and the MRJ90 will have a passenger capacity of 86-96.

Orders and options

Date Airline EIS Type
MRJ 70 MRJ 90 Options
27 March 2008

All Nippon Airways

2013 or 2014 15 10
Sub-totals 15 10
Totals: 15


MRJ 70 MRJ 90

70-80 86-96

32.8 m (107.6 ft) 35.8 m (117.5 ft)
Wing span

30.9 m (101.4 ft) 30.9 m (101.4 ft)
Tail height

10 m (32.8 ft) 10 m (32.8 ft)
Max takeoff weight 36,850 kg (81,200 lb) 39,600 kg (87,300 lb)
Empty weight 21,700 kg (47,800 lb) 22,600 kg (49,800 lb)
Max range 1,480 km (800 nmi) 1,610 km (870 nmi)
Typical Cruise speed Mach 0.78 (570 mph, 917 km/h)
Powerplants (2x) Not available
Engine thrust 66.7 kN (15,000 lbf) 75.6 kN (17,000 lbf)

Sources: MRJ Aviation Week

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