Mikkei Redemption

Mikkei Redemption (born June 16, 1983 in Tarzana, California) is a hardcore punk guitarist. He plays in and is the primary writer for both Future Primitive and California Redemption, and was also in Mute


Mikkei lives in Southern California and grew up in [Thousand Oaks, California|Thousand Oaks]. He holds a BA in History from CSUN. He is also involved in producing records for LTE Records Mikkei is an active supporter of a vegan, straight edge lifestyle. Mikkei is currently in a serious relationship with Shauna Shelton.


Mikkei first started to learn to play the guitar in 1996 when he was a Freshman at Thousand Oaks High School. After taking lessons on a rented guitar, he got his first guitar for Christmas in 1997.

After playing in several garage bands, Mikkei joined what would be his first significant band in 1999. During his time with the band, called Mute, Mikkei explored the guitar and began feeling out his musical style. After two years in Mute, Mikkei quit, citing lack of meaning and conflicts in musical creativity. It was also during this time that Mikkei began to study classical guitar and composition at Moorpark College.

A few years later Mikkei founded California Redemption with former members of Mute With this band, Mikkei would record his first studio album and finally fully exercise his musical creativity. As California Redemption toured and released albums, Mikkei formed side band, Future Primitive with friend, Ryan Power.

Selected Discography

Year Artist Album Title Label Notes
2001 Mute Cooler Than Eight-Tracks Independent Release EP
2004 California Redemption This Time It's For Money LTE Records LP
2005 Future Primitive Expression Sessions Independent Release EP
2005 Ill Repute Live LTE Records California Redemption bonus track
2005 California Redemption Demo 2005 Independent Release EP
2006 California Redemption California Redemption/Start The Panic Split LTE Records Split EP
2007 California Redemption Do Not Resuscitate Dead Lamb Records 7" EP


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