Mickey Blue Eyes

Mickey Blue Eyes is a 1999 film directed by Kelly Makin. Hugh Grant stars as Michael Felgate, an English auctioner living in New York City who becomes entangled in his soon-to-be father in-law's mafia connections.


When Michael Felgate proposes marriage to his girlfriend Gina Vitale, he is shocked to be turned down. Gina later tearfully explains that her father and most of her cousins and uncles are gangsters deeply involved in a Mafia crime family, and she's worried that Michael may be sucked into their world. Michael retorts that he won't let this happen, but barely is the engagement party over before he is unwittingly involved in a money laundering scam, and soon the FBI is sniffing at his heels.

When a deal goes bad, Gina accidentally shoots dead her gangster cousin. Michael takes the blame, but then finds that Gina's father Franco has been chosen to kill Michael in revenge. Unable to carry out the deed, Franco confesses all to the FBI in return for protection. The FBI set up an elaborate operation in which Michael will be "shot" at the wedding reception and several of the gang implicated.

The operation nearly goes wrong and both Michael and Gina are "shot", but all ends well.

At one point, Michael is forced to impersonate a gangster and is introduced as "Kansas City Little Big Mickey Blue Eyes". Franco attempts unsuccessfully to teach him to speak like a gangster, using expressions like "fugedaboudit".

Links to The Sopranos

The film is notable for the number of actors who would go on to appear in the HBO TV series, The Sopranos, including:

Jeanne Tripplehorn went on to star in Big Love, which is also an HBO TV series.

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  • Vincent Alo, a real-life gangster known as "Jimmy Blue Eyes"

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