Mick the Miller

Mick the Miller (June 1926 – 1939) is celebrated as the first great greyhound to race in England. Despite a short three year racing career, his achievements were highly publicised and greatly boosted the popularity of the sport. Mick the Miller's coat was a nondescript brindle.

Bred in Ireland, Mick the Miller was brought to race in the White City greyhound stadium in London by a parish priest, Father Martin Brophy. He was subsequently owned by Mrs. Arundel H. Kempton. Mick the Miller won five classic races and broke four records in the three years he raced, 1929-31. He was the first dog to win the English Greyhound Derby twice, winning in 1929 and 1930; it was 1973 before this feat was repeated by Patricia's Hope. He also 'won' in 1931; but the race was rerun because of a bad bump - something that would be unthinkable today. At one point, Mick the Miller won 19 consecutive races. Westpark Mustard went on to achieve 20 successive victories in open races in 1974 - but she never won a classic, and fair number of the open races were minor affairs for £50 prize money, which seemed to have been specifically designed by Wembley Stadium to enable her to beat Mick's record.

Greyhound speeds have increased since the dawn of track racing in the 1920s and 1930s and Mick the Miller's records have long since been broken; however, he is still considered one of the greats because of his spirit and because the excitement surrounding his achievements helped popularise the sport. Many greyhound racing stadiums have facilities named after him.

Mick the Miller was trained and lived at the Kennels in Turners Lane, Hersham, Surrey where Sham69 Jimmy Pursey worked before forming the Punk band.Jimmy also owned his own racing ground Hersham Boy and currently there is aGreyhound racing in Ireland call Hersham Star.

After his death he was stuffed and he stood for many years in the Natural History Museum in London; he has since been moved to the Natural History Museum at Tring in Hertfordshire.


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