Michigan Territory's At-large congressional district

Michigan Territory's At-large congressional district is an obsolete congressional district that encompassed the area of the Michigan Territory prior to admitting Michigan to the Union. In 1819, the territory was given the authority to elect a congressional delegate until statehood in 1837.


Representative Party Term Congress Note
William Woodbridge March 4, 1819August 9 1820 16th Resigned due to family illness
Vacant August 9, 1820November 20, 1820
Solomon Sibley November 20, 1820March 3, 1823 16th-17th Retired
Gabriel Richard March 4, 1823March 3, 1825 18th Lost reelection
Austin Eli Wing March 4, 1825March 3, 1829 19th-20th
John Biddle March 4, 1829February 21, 1831 21st Resigned
Vacant February 21, 1831March 3, 1831
Austin Eli Wing March 4, 1831March 3, 1833 22nd
Lucius Lyon Democratic March 41833March 31835 23rd Retired
George Wallace Jones Democratic March 4 1835January 26, 1837 24th Redistricted to

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