Meet My Folks

Meet My Folks is a comedy reality television series which aired on NBC in 2002 and will be airing re-runs on MyNetworkTV in Fall 2007. Local versions of the show have aired in other countries since 2000.


On this show three bachelors spend three days with the possible "woman or man of their dreams" and her or his family in their home, with conversations and interaction intended to reveal the bachelors' character and intentions. The winner gets a week in Hawaii with "Miss Right," if her or his family approves.


  • In episode 5 of Meet My Folks,the episode is called The Atnips.This being the first episode taped of the series, some things are different with this episode. There is no fax machine present. Without the fax machine, the boys don't get a challenge to complete during dinner on their first night of the competition. Also, the parents are notified of certain things (such as that they must eliminate one of the contestants) through ways other than the fax machine. In addition to the missing dinner challenge, the other main element not present is the visit by the contestants' ex-girlfriends (who reveal secrets about the contestants) during breakfast on the second day. A few other small differences - the dates aren't consecutive and they aren't as elaborate as dates in subsequent episodes.
  • In episode 7 of Meet My Folks,the episode is called The Carlsons,This is the only episode in which a fax came after the winner was picked. It said "the end," which could reasonably signify the end of the first season of the show.

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