Mayors in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, the office of Mayor or Lord Mayor had long been ceremonial posts, with little or no duties attached to it. The Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972 provides that one Councillor shall be Chairman and one Vice Chairman. A Council may under the leislation petition the Government for a Charter, which has the effect of making a District Council a Borough Council. A Council with a Charter is extended several ceremonial rights including the right to appoint Councillors Aldermen, the right of Councillors to wear robes as well as the right to a Borough Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Lord Mayors

The right to appoint a Lord Mayor is a rare honour, even less frequently bestowed than city status; a Lord Provost also acts as Lord Lieutenant of their city.

Currently, only Belfast has a Lord Mayor.

Mayoresses and Lady Mayoresses

The wife of a male Mayor is called the Mayoress and accompanies him to civic functions. A female Mayor or an unmarried male one may appoint a female consort as Mayoress. The consort of a Lord Mayor is the Lady Mayoress.

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