Matador (film)

Matador is a film by Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar about a student matador, Ángel (Antonio Banderas), who confesses to murders he didn't commit and begins a romance with his lawyer, María (Assumpta Serna). Themes include sex, death, and religion.


Diego Montes (Nacho Martínez) is a bullfighter, forced into early retirement by a horn-inflicted injury. He then switches his prey from bulls to women: after making love to them, he finds that killing them is his only way of reliving the intense emotions of the sunny afternoons of his past.

María Cardenal (Serna) is a criminal lawyer who secretly admires the art of the killer. She kills her lovers during orgasm, recalling in her crimes the mythic ritual of bullfighting.

The two solitary accomplices, submerged in a world opposed to their nature, must meet, and no one, not even themselves, will be able to avoid the inevitable.


  • "The movie looks terrific and is acted with absolute, straight-faced conviction by the excellent cast headed by Miss Serna, Mr. Martinez and Mr. Banderas. Matador is of most interest as another work in the career of a filmmaker who, possibly, is in the process of refining a singular talent.."The New York Times


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