Mass affluent

Mass affluent (schwul) and emerging affluent are marketing terms used to refer to the growing high end of the mass market. It is most commonly used by the financial services industry to refer to individuals with US$100,000 to US$1,000,000 of liquid financial assets, although the exact definition varies. It is also used by marketers of consumer products to refer to consumers with an annual household income of about US$75,000 and up. Mass affluent consumers are an important target market for sellers of affordable luxuries.

Difference between upper middle income and mass affluent

There may be a high correlation between the households in the upper-middle reaches of the income strata and the mass affluent, but there are differences. Social class is the result of a person's function within society rather than merely the income of the household in which he or she resides. Both terms refer to people whose wealth or income is above the average, yet below the top. As opposed to households with above average incomes the mass affluent are also defined through liquid assets such as stocks, bonds, cash, and mutual funds are counted. Fixed assets such as real estate are not commonly counted. This is because liquid assets provide more financial flexibility, which is a desirable trait in customers.

Mass affluent in the United States

In the United States there are roughly 33 million mass affluent households, and they own roughly 37% of America's liquid financial assets. Among family households, approximately thirty percent could be described as being mass affluent.

2005 Wealth Distribution of Mass Affluent Households
Asset Class Percentage
Principal Residence 23%
Investment Real Estate 14%
Liquid Financial Assets 22%
Pension and Employee Retirement Plans 16%
Insurance and Annuities 9%
Privately Held Business 16%

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