Marrakech-Agadir expressway

The Autoroute 'Marrakech - Agadir is a Moroccan mainroad under construction. Building began in 2006 and planned openingsyear is 2009.

The projected road is 233 km long and connects the cities of Marrakech and Agadir through the Middle Atlas mountains.


In June 2004 the Moroccan operator of expressways ADM signed an agreement with the Hasan II Society for economic and social development for a refinancing scheme of the ADM. This financial injection made construction of new roads possible and construction started in 2006.

The road will be a Toll road or péage to pay back the investments. Also income from retailers and petrolstations along the route is taken into acount.

Beside the ADM several other parties are involved. Some major investors participate for specific sections of the road or a general goal.

The main investors are (in Million Dirham) .

  • BID - Islamic Bank for Development - 965 MDH
  • FADES -Arab Fund for social and economic development - 920
  • FKDEA- Kuwait Fund for Arab and Economic Development - 450
  • BAD - African Bank for Development - 1315
  • JBIC- Japan Bank for International Cooperation - 1370


Below a short overview of the different sub-projects, estimated costs and the main contracters for that section. For some sections only contractors for initial work are reported.

# from via to length est cost
in M Dh
contractors from
1 Marrakech Marrakech West
33 km 783 El Hajji
The Arab Contractors

2 Marr. West Interchg. - Chichaoua 51 km 1060 Burhan
3 Chichaoua Imintanout 33 km 975 SEPROB
4 Imintanout PK13 Argana 59 km 2644 TECNOVIA

5 Argana PK 20 Ameskroud 46 km 2132 DOGUS
6 Ameskroud - Agadir 11 km 293 Planum


Work is divided in several main sections, each with their own contractors and workers. Construction of a 4-lane motorway through the mountains of the Middle Atlas requires much structures as fly-overs, viaducts and bridges. The existing national road (route nationale) is used for transport of building material etc. Along this route new exits and side-roads are constructed to several main working locations and temporary factories (concrete, storage, camp-sites for builders etc).

The new road crosses the existing road several times and follows more or less the same route through the mountains.


Over the full length the new autoroute will have:

  • two standard traffic lanes in each direction, each 3,5 meter wide with a central separation zone of at least 3 meter
  • one emergency lane / hard shoulder in each direction of 1,5 meter wide

Seven exit / access points are projected:

Also 4 rest stops with petrol stations, cafés and a room or building for praying

Toll road

When opened users of the new road will have to pay to use it, as is the case with most autoroutes in Morocco. At entrances, exits and near the endpoints toll-booths will be built, and the costs will be based on traffic-type and distance. Regular users can choose for a permit allowing unlimited use during a fixed period.

The existing national road will remain open as a toll-free alternative for the autoroute as well as allowing access to smaller villages and roads. Traveling time between Marrakech and Agadir will be reduced greatly as the autoroute allows overtaking everywhere (4 lane), bypasses villages and allows higher speeds. Possible speed on 2-lane national roads is often greatly reduced due to very slow lorries crawling up a hill while steep bends and traffic from the other side make overtaking hazardous or impossible.


After an inspection in April 2007 on progress the ADM reported completion and opening at the end of 2009

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