Maria Konopnicka

Maria Konopnicka (May 23, 1842, SuwałkiOctober 8, 1910, Lwów) was a Polish poet, novelist, translator and essayist. She sometimes used pen names, often "Jan Sawa."

Konopnicka was a representative poet of the Positivist period in Polish literature. She composed sensitive poetry that projects realism, freshness and spontaneity.

Her writings touched on many questions that beset society in her time, and thus influenced the next generation of Polish poets and novelists.

She is buried at the Łyczaków Cemetery in Lwów.



  • Linie i dźwięki (Lines and Sounds, 1897).
  • Śpiewnik historyczny (Historical Music Book, 1904).
  • Głosy ciszy (Sounds of Silence, 1906).
  • Z liryk i obrazków (Lyrics and Pictures, 1909).
  • Pan Balcer w Brazylii (Mister Balcer in Brazil) (1910)


  • Cztery nowele (Four Short Stories, 1888).
  • Moi znajomi (People I Know, 1890).
  • Na drodze (On the Way, 1893).
  • Ludzie i rzeczy (People and Things, 1898).
  • Mendel Gdański.

For children:

  • Śpiewnik dla dzieci (Music Book for Children).
  • O Janku Wędrowniczku (About Johnnie the Wanderer).
  • O krasnoludkach i sierotce Marysi (Little Orphan Mary and the Gnomes).
  • Na jagody (Picking Berries).


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