Maple Leaf, Seattle, Washington

Maple Leaf is a mostly residential neighborhood in Seattle, originally a rural suburb (subdivided c. 1894) named Maple Leaf Addition to the Green Lake Tract or Green Lake Circle. The name may have come from the Maple Saw Mill that operated to the east on Lake Washington or from maple trees that once grew in the area.

The original plat is located between what would later be named NE 85th and 105th Streets and 5th and 25th Avenues NE. It was annexed to Seattle in the early 1950s.. The current neighborhood boundaries are, starting from the south and working clockwise, NE 75th Street west to Banner Way NE, north on Banner Way to Interstate 5, then north along the edge of I-5 up to NE 103rd. Then west along NE 103rd to 5th Avenue NE, north to Northgate Way, then east to Roosevelt Way NE. South along Roosevelt to Thornton Creek and then west along the creek bed to Lake City Way NE (roughly at NE 98th). Then south along Lake City Way NE to 75th Ave NE map

Maple Leaf is bordered on the south by the Roosevelt neighborhood; to the north by Pinehurst and Victory Heights neighborhoods of the Northgate district; to the east by the Lake City and Wedgewood neighborhoods; and to the west the North College Park or Licton Springs, map (Seattle neighborhoods boundaries are informal).

Maple Leaf is home to approximately 20,000 residents, mostly residing in "classic Seattle boxes", (so initially a pejorative, wryly belied today by their high quality and prices), known locally as Seattle bungalows and Tudoresque style houses. Since 2000 the Maple Leaf area has been undergoing considerable renovation as smaller, older homes sitting on 1/8 acre lots are being bulldozed to make room for new high-end "Craftsman"-style homes and, especially along Roosevelt Way NE, townhomes.

Besides Northgate Mall (1950), most of the businesses within Maple Leaf line Roosevelt Way NE from NE 75th to 100th Streets and 5th Avenue NE from NE 85th to 90th Streets. Notable neighborhood meeting spots on Roosevelt include Cloud City Coffee at 88th, family-owned Maple Leaf Ace Hardware at 91st, Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon at 90th, The Jones at 89th, the Reservoir Bar at 85th, and the Maple Leaf Grill at 92nd, while neighborhood meeting spots on 5th Avenue NE include Cafe Javasti and the San Marco Grocery at 84th. Cabinetworks on Roosevelt is long-established and one of the few woodworking manufacturers remaining in Seattle.

Distinctive features of the neighborhood include the water tower and reservoir located at 85th and Roosevelt, plus historic Waldo Hospital at 85th NE and NE 15th. The water tower is painted with a distinctive coupling of maple leaves viewable from Interstate 5. Across Roosevelt Way from the water tower and reservoir is Saint Catherine's School and Church. Just south is The Fairview Church and The Fairview School, one of the largest private primary schools in the city. Waldo Hospital was previously occupied by Camp Fire Boys and Girls. The property is currently under contract to a developer, who plans to demolish the structure and 72 of the documents 108 trees on the site.

Maple Leaf is one of two homes for a flock of feral conures (parrots) descended from escaped pets. They fly between Maple Leaf and Seward Park.

The highest point in Maple Leaf, located on 91st Street between Roosevelt Way and 5th Avenue, is over 500 feet (150 m) in elevation, one of the highest points in the city. (High Point in West Seattle is higher.)



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