Maneuvering area

The maneuvering area, manoeuvring area, or movement area is the part of the airport used by aircraft for landing and takeoff that does not include the airport ramp. In Canada, the first two terms are used, whereas the United States used the later term. In the US, the rest of the airport is considered the non-movement area.

In the United States, Movement Areas are defined areas on the airport or airfield which are controlled by the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower, e.g. permission must be obtained to access these areas. Though normally recognized as runways and taxiways, these areas can include certain ramp areas on the airport. The remainder of the areas are considered non-movement areas, or areas not controlled by the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower. A special marking on the airport known as the non-movement area boundary marking is normally used by larger airports to deliniate one from the other.



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