Maldharis are nomadic herdsmen who live in the Gujarat state of India. Literal meaning of Maldhari is owner of animal stock. In different regions, they belong to different caste genre. Maldharis living in Gir Forest National Park are mainly Charan and their villages are known as Ness. Maldharis of north Gujarat are known as Rabari and Bharwad. The Gir Forest National Park is also last home of the asiatic lion.

They are identified by different names in different regions of the country:

Andar, Ahiyaru , Ahir, Appugol, Maldhari / Bharwad / Rabari, Bharavadaru, Dhangar, Dhangad / Dhanwar / Dhanka /Dhangod, Doddi Gowda, Gadhariya, Gadaria, Gowda, Gaddi, Gadri, Gollavadu, Gounder,Halumatha, Heggades, Idyar, Khuruk, Kuda, Kuruba, Kuruba Gowda, Kurumba, Kurmar, Kurumbar, Kalavar, Kuruma, Kurumavaaru, Kurkhi, Kurupu, Naikers, Nikhers, Oraon, Pal / Pala, Palaru, Paalakyatriya, Poduvar, Yadavalu.

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