Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee

Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee (Traditional Chinese: 張可頤, pinyin: Zhāng Kěyí, born 20 March 1970 in Hong Kong), not to be confused with Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk, is a Hong Kong actress, under contract to the television channel TVB. As such she owes her popularity for her work to that channel's television series, with several film credits to her name.

Born in 1970, she competed in TVB's 1994 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, reaching the final five but not placing. However she did gain a special award for best "potential artist" (最具演藝潛質獎) and was signed to the channel soon afterwards.

Her career spun off to a whirlwind of a start, as she was offered a leading role. However, she wanted to start from the bottom up and hence declined the role, only to accept a subsidiary role in another series. Many will say that her career kicked off with the well accepted Old Time Buddies, but some others say it is with her primary leading role in One Good Turn Deserves Another.

The popularity of artists in the Hong Kong television market depends as much on the popularity of the characters in a series as to the ability of the actors and it was not until 1998 that she achieved mainstream popularity with the series "Old Time Buddies", in which she played a character based on 60s teen idol Connie Chan Po-chu. The character was well received because of Maggie's excellent portrayal of Connie Chan. The immense success lead to sequel, To Catch A Thief, a movie, Those Were The Days, and even a platinum selling CD.

She has co-starred with numerous male actors, such as Gallen Lo, Louis Koo, Roger Kwok, Steven Ma, Joe Ma, Moses Chan, Gordon Lam, and numerous others. Her chemistry with Gallen Lo lead to several other pairings in other series. Gordon Lam worked with Maggie Cheung in Plain Love II, which built a strong friendship amongst the two. Joe Ma Tak Chung has declared Maggie in a 2003 interview as one of his best costars. Steven Ma Chun Wai and Maggie have also become great friends.

In 2003, she won the most coveted award a TVB actress can receive, Favorite Lead Actress, beating other "fa dan", a Cantonese term borrowed from Cantonese operas and roughly corresponding to modern notions of main actresses, such as Jessica Hsuan, Flora Chan, and Kenix Kwok. In 2004, she was in the race for the award again with new series that included "The Conqueror's Story" and "War and Beauty". However, the filming for her Mainland China series, "Song of Everlasting Sorrow", interfered with the award ceremony, and Gigi Lai won the award.

In 2005, she was diagnosed with the rare Graves' Disease preventing her from filming "Au Revoir Shanghai" and she was replaced by Anne Heung. After a break from showbiz for 2 years, she has just recovered and Maggie has said in an interview that she would be filming a new drama series in August 2007. Her numerous fans worldwide are avidly awaiting the release of a new drama from Cheung Ho Yee. Maggie also hosted the Mr Hong Kong 2007 contest recently together with Dodo Cheng.


Year Film Production Company
1995 The Condor Heroes 1995 TVB
The Unexpected TVB
A Kindred Spirit TVB
1996 Cold Blood Warm Heart TVB
Ancient Heroes TVB
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai TVB
One Good Turn Deserves Another TVB
1997 A Road & A Will TVB
Old Time Buddy TVB
Mystery Files TVB
A Recipe for the Heart TVB
1998 Old Time Buddy: To Catch a Thief TVB
1999 Plain Love II TVB
A Smiling Ghost Story TVB
2000 The Sky is the Limit TVB
2001 The Awakening Story TVB
2002 Police Station No.7 TVB
Burning Flame II TVB
Let's Face It TVB
2003 Ups & Downs in the Sea of Love TVB
The King of Yesterday & Tomorrow TVB
Better Halves TVB
2004 War & Beauty TVB
The Conqueror's Story TVB
2005 Song of Everlasting Sorrow China

Appearance in Sales Presentation

Year Film Replacement
1998 Electric Inspector N/A
1999 Dangerous Elements N/A
2001 Armed Reaction III Ada Choi
2002 Hard Fate Flora Chan
2004 Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion Charmaine Sheh
2005 Spies and Dangerous Love N/A

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