Madsen Pirie

Dr Madsen Pirie is president of the Adam Smith Institute and formerly Distinguished Visiting Professor of Logic and Philosophy at Hillsdale College, Michigan, USA. He is a graduate of Edinburgh (UK), St Andrews and Cambridge universities.

At the Adam Smith Institute, Dr Pirie was part of the influential team which pioneered privatization and the extension of market choices and incentives. With Douglas Mason, he was co-designer of the Poll Tax , although many key aspect of his model were not implemented when the Community Charge was actually introduced in 1989. His work in helping to develop the Citizen's Charter led to his appointment to the British Prime Minister's Advisory Panel from 1991-95. He has also worked at the US House of Representatives.

He is the author of several books, including the best-selling How to Win Every Argument, The Book of the Fallacy: A Training Manual for Intellectual Subversives, Boost Your IQ, and the Sherlock Holmes IQ Book. He appears regularly as an expert on CNN and BBC television, and is a keen film buff.

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