Mad Dash Racing

Mad Dash Racing (sometimes referred to as simply Mad Dash) is a racing game for the Xbox and was released as a launch title in November 2001.


On a little island on Trem Land, a crazed wizard named Hex, plans to take over the world using RED METEOR CHUNKS. He can't do this on his own so he plans to set up an event to get all the METEOR CHUNKS and return them to Hex.

A number of nasty characters have signed up to the event, think that they have the guts to find the METEOR CHUNKS. All the characters don't know of what Hex is doing, so he waits until all the METEOR CHUNKS have been gathered for world domination. Hex mentions that for the one who brings back all the METEOR CHUNKS, will win a pig. Not according to the contract, one of the contestants named Sid, said that they win a Magic Sceptre. One of the Tremmals (Hex's Henchmen) saying agree with it, so Hex did. This is where the game begins.


The Characters are split into four different groups. Bashers, Dashers ,Gliders. and Bosses They are:


These characters are able to break through certain objects.

  • Chops
  • Big Blu
  • Betty
  • Roscoe


These characters are able to gain quick boosts.

  • Sid
  • Clawdius
  • Spanx
  • Synder
  • Gex


These characters are able to jump farther or glide.

  • Zero-G
  • Ash
  • Faze
  • Tek 9


These characters have all three powers

  • Tremlord
  • Hex

You can collect 10 GREEN METEOR CHUNKS and become a Tribird. A Tribird you can have Bashers, Dashers and Gliders with just using one character.


There are 9 tracks all together. They are:

  • Tiki Village

The first and easiest level, consisting of a series of huts and caves.

  • Ruins

Ancient jungle ruins riddled with traps and secret passages.

  • Dino Oasis

A dinosaur graveyard with tarpits and land slides.

  • Mt. Magma

A giant volcano with hot molten lava pools and caverns.

  • Pipewerx

Underwater series of pipes and machines.

  • Biotech

Organic looking level where machinery and life have become one.

  • Alpine Cup

A snowed in town with steep slopes and killer hippie penguins.

  • Fortress

First boss level consisting of many secrest passages, lava and explosives.

  • Castle

Second boss level consisting of traps and a giant reactor.

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